Service Level Agreements are effectively a warranty on the level of service quality delivered by the service provider, while managing expectations and defining responsibilities.

This drives the framework for handling timely customer support and repairs when failures occur.

Mission critical business operations depend on the reliability of these services and whether it’s the IT Infrastructure, PABX or Communications, a higher level of SLA becomes increasingly non-negotiable.

An SLA will ensure that there is some pressure for the provider to get the service up and running again as soon as possible.

A wide selection of smart solutions

Similar to choosing your household insurance, the highest plan will give you the most extensive cover when the unexpected arises. You should have the peace of mind that your business, much like your home is covered.

Ensuring the best level of service

If you are outsourcing your IT Operations, this will give you leverage you need in the event that the service is underperforming. You are then safe guarded by the SLA and, in some cases, reimbursed for the downtime experienced. In this respect you can think of it as an insurance policy for that service.

Proactive protection of what matter most

You may feel that the premium or top of the range SLA is unnecessary but when failures do occur, you will realise just how valuable it is. This rings especially true for mature organisations that cannot afford major disruptions in their operations that will ultimately result in lost productivity, eroded confidence and lost opportunities with their customers.

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