Don’t you hate it when you’ve booked a meeting room, you’ve got clients waiting with you, and someone else is in your room – claiming they also booked it?

Frustrations continue to soar when someone books a 10-person meeting room for two people while you’re left to squash your 10-person team in a four-person room.

Introducing your room booking solution – Reserva

Reserva is an intuitive meeting room booking solution that integrates with your company’s calendar software so that everyone knows when a meeting room is booked, and which meeting room is booked.

Your Reserva room booking solution is a cost-effective solution regardless of whether you have one, two or 200 meeting rooms.  It has no central server or high cost maintenance and licensing agreements. To be up and running, Reserva simply needs the door-side display, and a connection to your network.

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How Reserva helps you take control over meeting spaces:

  • A user-friendly solution to help employees find space to meet and collaborate.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, Google Calendar, Google Apps and Scientia so that your conference rooms are dynamically linked to your calendaring system.
  • Books a meeting in two clicks, extends a meeting, shortens a meeting and cancels a meeting directly on the room sign or in your calendaring system.
  • Manages ‘no shows’ with automated removal of a meeting if the organiser does not attend after the no-show time limit (set to your custom specification).
  • Prevents double bookings.
  • Eliminates the distraction, confusion and frustration caused when two meetings are scheduled in the same room at the same time.
  • Finds your meeting venue easily.
  • Shows all employees and guests which meetings are about to start and where they are being held.
  • Has the best in class security framework based on ONELAN’s proprietary NTB Linux operating system.

Optimising your meeting room bookings does not need to ‘break the bank’ with Vox’s expertise and the award-winning Reserva Edge system.

Call Vox today for a free assessment of your meeting room environment and we will advise you on the best solution for your requirements. Alternatively, contact or