Besides asking Google how to brew homemade alcohol, South Africans are using the Internet now more than ever.

For many, this year was their first Easter without the entire family seated around an indulgent lunch at the dining room table.

Adjusting to staying indoors and swapping boardrooms for Microsoft Teams meetings, and the classroom for online lessons in the living room was already a challenge – the lack in physical contact leaves a void only seeing and hearing people (the closest you can get to actually being with them) can fill.

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The craving for connection has seen an increase in collaborative playlists during this time frame, allowing people to connect over shared music and have virtual jam sessions together, according to Spotify. Self-improvement podcasts are also proving to be popular.

Uncontended with unlimited capacity

If you’re spending the next few weeks of lockdown alone, remote working by day and Netflix by night may not be enough. And to make those Skype calls to family – both near and far – requires a stable and reliable Internet connection.

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According to Forbes, COVID-19 has pushed Internet usage by 70%. Such high numbers indicate the need for fast Fibre connection, especially over the next few months, and beyond.

Fibre is 250 times faster than traditional fixed-line broadband and unlike with mobile, Fibre is uncontended with unlimited capacity and speeds can be increased as required.

“As South Africans are restricted to working/studying from home, the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic underlines the importance of information communication technologies (ICT) in South Africa now more than ever,” says Shamira Ahmed, Research ICT Africa’s Principal Researcher, Economist.

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So, whether you’re streaming mediations after a tough day at ‘the office’, or watching a virtual concert by your favourite artist, you’re going to want the experience to be uninterrupted.

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