Vox has launched Eyeris Lite which is aimed at providing an affordable, easy-to-use, business-grade video conferencing solution for local, small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Companies with multiple branches are increasingly taking advantage of improved broadband connectivity and advancements in hardware and software technology by turning to video conferencing (VC) to enable communication and collaboration, rather than having employees physically travel around.

“A small business with branches across the country can end up spending a lot of money for business executives to travel to their headquarters for meetings – costs that they can save by rather using Eyeris Lite,” says Mauritz van Wyk, senior product manager for visual communications at Vox.

Eyeris Lite – which can connect to any existing VC device – includes features such as an embedded dual-band WiFi module, auto bandwidth detection, audio echo cancellation, and advanced error correction for crystal clear HD communication at just 600Kbps.

It is also backed by a service level agreement and therefore small business can finally say goodbye to pixelated video and garbled voices during video calls.

Van Wyk adds that despite its affordability and compact form factor, the solution offers an unparalleled immersive experience for up to eight participants in small meetings. As such, it can also be used by bigger companies who are looking for a cost-effective VC solution for linking their huddle rooms.

Call participants can connect to meetings easily with a simplified remote and user interface, while seamless sharing of documents and presentations enables them to focus on knowledge sharing and achieving the objectives of their meetings – rather than have to worry about technical issues.

The Vox Eyeris Lite solution is available in two options: the Basic bundle which includes the PTZ camera , codec, configuration and installation; and the Complete bundle which adds on a 48” screen and Vox Air cloud video conferencing for four participants. The devices are configured ahead of time with IP information sourced from the customer, while on premise installation can be done in less than an hour.

The Basic bundle is available for R999 per month on a two-year contract and the complete bundle is available for R2199 per month over a two-year contract.

“Eyeris Lite is for the business that wants something better than having to make use of consumer VC applications, but doesn’t have the budget or the technical requirement for sophisticated products that are expensive and primarily aimed at enterprise users,” concludes Van Wyk.