Vox has entered into a strategic collaboration with Ruckus Wireless Inc to provide its customers across business and consumer segments with an integrated Wi-Fi solution offering for existing and new market requirements.

The collaboration will see Vox standardising its Wi-Fi offering on Ruckus Wireless to provide the company with a convenient and integrated product set across both the consumer and business arenas.

Dederick Venter, Executive Head of Outsourced Technology at Vox, said, “As we are rapidly expanding our services offering into both fibre-to-the-business and to-the-home, we were faced with new Wi-Fi connectivity requirements from our customers and needed a Wi-Fi player that was not only a technology leader, but had an extensive product range to meet our exacting demands from home users right up to enterprise. We believe we have found that with Ruckus Wireless.”

This joint venture comes at a time when the demand for fibre to publicly available Wi-Fi networks is increasing in South Africa and service providers are looking for technology partners that put development and innovation at their core to meet these growing requirements.

Riaan Graham, Sales Director for Ruckus Wireless sub-Saharan Africa said, “Given the reliance on mobile access to data, businesses and consumers are looking for always-on connectivity. Wi-Fi provides this cost-effectively, but it has to be flexible enough for service providers to customise it according to the demands of the market. Video streaming, home automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing locally and consumers are demanding a richer experience to take advantage of these value added services, as well as services that were traditionally not available. While fibre provides a foundation for connectivity, it is Wi-Fi that will accelerate digital citizenry in the months and years to come.”

Aligned to Vox’s service offerings and given its national scope, Ruckus Wireless is providing the company with an extensive product range that meets a range of technical requirements. The solutions include the full range of Ruckus Wireless indoor and outdoor access points; the Ruckus vSPoT™ virtualised instance for the Ruckus smart positioning technology, the Ruckus Virtual SmartZone (VSZ)™ software platform, the Ruckus ZoneDirector™ wireless LAN controller software, and the Ruckus FlexMaster™ remote wireless LAN and Wi-Fi service management platform.

In addition to providing a full range of products and a centralised management platform, Ruckus has also enabled Vox Telecom to reduce its Wi-Fi installation lead time from 45 days to less than 14 – significantly improving productivity.

“Becoming the Wi-Fi provider of choice for a leading telecoms operator like Vox Telecom is testament to the product and service capabilities of Ruckus Wireless technology,” adds Graham.

“Fibre-to-the-home and to-the-business is opening up new opportunities and value added services. This dynamic new collaboration is certain to take South Africa into the connected future,” concludes Venter.

As a symbol of their work together and commitment to a South African cause, Vox and Ruckus Wireless have also pledged to sponsor an anti-poaching dog and its handler. The sponsored dog will undergo intensive training before being deployed into one of the park programmes driven by the K9 unit.