Vox is continuing with its bundled offering designed to help South African businesses digitise their operations, with Business Fibre connectivity being combined with cloud-based voice solutions to help enable a hybrid working environment.

“According to research, 63% of high-growth companies have already adopted a hybrid work model and 78% of knowledge workers believe they would be more productive if they could choose to work on-site or remotely as needed. We believe there’s never been a better time than now to re-think and re-shape the way we work and collaborate for optimal productivity as well as accelerated teamwork, innovation, and customer-centricity,” says  Natalie van der Merwe, Head of Product for PBX at Vox.

In an effort to help drive the shift to this new hybrid way of working, Vox has been running a campaign that sees Fibre-to-the-Business packages being bundled with additional products and services in order to provide organisations with more value. This month’s offer sees Vox’s Business Fibre solutions with uncapped data bundled with a 3CX Standard Edition, cloud-based PBX license for an unlimited number of users, as well as an uncapped voice from as little as R899 per month.  If you already have a Vox Fibre-to-the-Business service, then add a 3CX Cloud PBX solution from as little as R110 per month.  Together with Vox’s market-leading voice rates for either uncapped or true per second calling, your business will  be  enabled for the future of hybrid business communications, with solutions purpose built to cater for employees who happen to be working from anywhere in the world. This is a tried and tested solution, with over 250 000 installations worldwide.

Managed PBX solution

With their PBX hosted securely in the cloud, organisations don’t need to worry about paying for, or maintaining on-premise hardware. It allows them to be agile and adaptive to any situation while enjoying a low-cost, scalable communications solution without making long-term commitments to expensive, depreciating assets.

In addition, organisations stand to benefit from one of the most secure  Cloud PBX platforms on the market which uses multiple levels of security to  protect against voice over IP (VoIP) attacks as well as increased accessibility, collaboration and productivity with Android and iOS mobile apps, and advanced call queueing functionality that helps boost customer service and sales by improving first call resolution.

Vox is a proud 3CX partner, having achieved the highest certification standards possible, and, as such is more than qualified to deploy, maintain and manage 3CX solutions for local customers. Vox also carries 3CX voice network certification for seamless integration between the Vox network and 3CX cloud, giving customers the peace of mind of a true managed solution.

Adds, van der Merwe, “You won’t be sacrificing any of the functionality of a traditional PBX solution either – in fact, 3CX Cloud increases productivity, collaboration and accessibility by offering a full Unified Communications solution on any connected device. We’re talking video calls, chat, messaging and conferencing all in one – and it comes for free.”

Voice cost savings

Combining Vox Voice with Vox Fibre is a no-brainer.  A high-quality VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution relies on a robust, reliable Internet connection to ensure crystal clear audio quality with no latency issues, lag or dropped calls. Vox Fibre is fast, reliable and cost effective, with guaranteed quality of service for each application, allowing organisations to optimise voice and data by converging these services over their Fibre network. In addition, these Fibre solutions are designed to fit business needs and scale as they grow.

For its part, Vox Voice offers routing of all traffic types, the lowest call rates or uncapped calling packages, and a world-class, Tier 1 national and international voice network. To ensure minimal latency and packet loss is maintained, the company follows a very conservative capacity planning strategy on local and international circuits, ensuring that these links never run into congestion so that our customers experience the highest possible standard  voice quality calls.

With every employee now able to make and receive calls at corporate rates regardless of where they’re working from – rather than over costly GSM connections – organisations in South Africa can truly embrace hybrid work.

“Fluid and effective communication starts with a high-availability, high-speed, uncongested Business Fibre connection. By selecting your Fibre, Cloud PBX and Voice services from one provider you have one point of contact, one bill, quicker turnaround times and, ultimately, better service. The decisions you make now to enable a sustained hybrid work model will shape the future of your organisational success,” says Van der Merwe.