In today’s world, connectivity is key.

Business. Devices. Accounts. Even people. We live in a global village where everyone and everything is seemingly intertwined.

Think of that device in your hand. Bank, shop, chat, browse, talk to the world or do whatever you need to in private (we don’t judge). In fact, our reality is so digitally and remotely connected that to be disconnected is to live with blinkers on.

The same goes for Gaming.

Playing with friends used to be an adventure. You’d call one or two mates around and, after much haggling between parents, eventually pull off the perfect score. Two of you would be seated in anticipation while the other complained about being left out. The game would start, chaos would ensue and spectators would provide a never-ending stream of commentary until eventually you’d fall asleep, a disgruntled parent came to kill the vibe or somebody had a meltdown.

Needless to say, gaming today is vastly different- we’d say for the better.

While the last year has indeed made us appreciate human interaction, it’s also underlined the importance of keeping a safe distance. We get it, hugging and kissing and chatting to others is cool, but gone are the days when anyone could just waltz in your home and make themselves comfortable. Although to be fair, if someone did that even before the pandemic, we’d ask our spouse some serious questions.

Gaming has its benefits, which we’ve covered in detail, but what we haven’t truly explored is its propensity to connect and ability to bring people together.

The reality is that gaming has become a multi-billion-dollar industry, and a large part is down to the interconnected reality that is online. In 2019 alone, the industry was valued at a whopping $151.9 billion alone, with 2.725 billion players worldwide. There’s a reason that developers have embraced this revolution, and it’s the realisation that people crave a social experience. FIFA, Call of Duty, Star Wars, even Grand Theft Auto (which was previously strictly single player) now have thriving, vibrant digital communities. Developers have focused on entire content and storylines revolving around the experience and with good reason- online multi-player is not the future, it’s the here and now.

It’s not just teenage boys, however, as the average age of a gamer is 34 years old, with 45% of this constituting a female fan base. 70% of these consider gaming an important part of their life, with over 50% of players worldwide having their purchase decisions is influenced by online compatibility- next to graphics, price, story and series. The best part? 55% of gamers worldwide say that playing online has helped them stay close to and connect with friends.

A big component of Online Gaming, however, is being online. And as any kid with a WFH parent will tell you, the home Wi-Fi is a precious resource only respected by the person using it first. Which can make connectivity a little tricky, to say the least. Plus, there are some people out there who don’t have a console and, as any expert can tell you, you can’t play Xbox on the Internet without an Xbox. Or Internet.

What if there were a way to kill two birds with one stone (metaphorically) while having your (also metaphorical) cake and eating it? What if you could sort out your Internet and gaming needs at once without needing to feel like you’re in line to renew your license? We’re optimised to bring you safety mixed with convenience, which is why our Xbox and FTTH bundles are here to get you running without breaking bank.

It’s not just Internet, however, it’s high-speed Internet. We can’t claim that your soccer players will run faster or your reload speed will improve, but we can assure you that the risk of controller-smashing, lag-induced rage will be substantially lower. An unrivalled service designed with gamers in mind, you can save on your Xbox Series X or S console rental by combining it with a bundle solution that matches your gaming needs.

Prices start at R1 293pm for a console and a 50/50 uncapped, low latency Fibre line. Yeah, that’s right, Fibre and a console for the price of one meal at local chicken franchise (you know the one, it starts with N). These aren’t separate rates, this isn’t a weak console and that Fibre speed is no joke- it’s a seriously all-in-one solution for the hardcore and casual gamer alike.

In fact, it’s our love of games that lets us cater for players exact needs, which is why we’re confident in saying our Fibre and Xbox bundles are for gamers, by gamers- now let’s play!