Vox has launched VoxAir, a cost effective video conferencing solution specifically designed for small to medium businesses and virtual workforces that need to stay connected to partners, suppliers and customers.

VoxAir, a web browser based video conferencing solution is ideally suited to those organisations that want to take a bold step beyond just voice in a cost effective manner.  Pricing is provided per unique contact number which can accommodate up to twelve  concurrent participants at any time.

¨It was important to ensure that our solution was vendor independent – enabling integration and use across any formal conferencing equipment anywhere in the world, without the need to invest in costly video conferencing bridge equipment,” says Mauritz van Wyk, senior product manager: Visual Communications at Vox.

VoxAir has been designed to work in conjunction with all video conferencing platforms, including the large-scale hardware driven systems typically found in large enterprise businesses.  Ideal for the mobile workforce, VoxAir can be used on laptops, desktops and mobile devices for non-office bound employees.

Concludes van Wyk, ¨Video conferencing has become a buzzword – everybody wants to try it out.  Locally, one of the biggest inhibitors of video conferencing adoption, was connectivity.  This has largely been overcome, but business owners do not want to spend thousands on hardware for a single boardroom to enable the technology in their business.

VoxAir lowers that barrier to entry, by offering a cost effective, cloud-based, mobile-enabled service for smaller to medium businesses.¨

VoxAir has Skype for Business integration as a standard, does not require any downloads and is plugin-free.