Johannesburg, August 2019: Integrated ICT and infrastructure provider Vox has announced the launch of Atmos, a service that provides South African businesses with a cloud-based call recording solution that is safe, secure, and complies with local data and privacy regulations such as FICA, PoPI and more.

Developed by Call Cabinet Corporation, an industry leader in enterprise voice logging and call recording, Atmos is the first fully cloud-based solution of its kind to be introduced into the local market.

“Whether you need to record calls for staff training, dispute resolution, compliance or security reasons, the Atmos voice logger delivers a complete and flexible solution, which is scalable and has unlimited storage for calls and other sensitive data, without the need for any additional hardware or installation services,” says Natalie van der Merwe, Senior Product Manager for PBX at Vox.

The calls are backed up and stored in the cloud, and redundancy is offered across multiple servers and geographical locations or time zones, giving users the ability to search, sort, locate and playback calls within seconds, with the information easily accessible through a secure, web-based portal, that is also compatible with mobile device browsers.

Furthermore, all calls are individually secured and encrypted using 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) at the source, with a rotating encryption methodology that is unique and specific to each call made and recorded.

These measures ensure that the call logging and voice recordings are fully compliant with regulation such as the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS), the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) and the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI).

“While large enterprises may have on-premise solutions for call recording, these are often beyond what can be afforded by smaller businesses, such as insurance brokers or travel agents. However, given the above-mentioned regulations, these businesses are now required to save calls for record-keeping purposes. Making use of cloud-based storage means that these small and medium businesses only pay based on what they use, offering them unlimited growth potential,” adds Van Der Merwe.

Even the said large enterprises stand to benefit from turning to more modern solutions such as Atmos; by moving call logging and recording to the cloud, they are able to get away from costly maintenance and support of onsite equipment.

Atmos can be seamlessly integrated for customers making use of a Far South PBX deployment, a Vox-hosted PBX service, or to any business routing inbound and outbound calls via the Vox network.

Pricing starts from as little as R395 per month. The packages on offer include up to five hours of storage at no cost; thereafter, an Express version, with up to 1 000 hours of storage; a Professional version, with up to 4 000 hours of storage; and an Enterprise version, with up to 10 000+ hours of stored voice calls. For more information, visit the product page on the Vox website.