Work from anywhere. Connect anywhere. Open the worlds of the digital nomad, remote worker and hybrid office with the Vox MTN LTE-A secondary location functionality

 Transform connectivity with the Vox MTN LTE-A secondary location functionality

  • Holiday, travel, gig working and hybrid working enabled with accessible connectivity
  • Self-service access makes it easy for MTN fixed LTE-A customers to switch locations and stay connected, almost anywhere in South Africa

Vox has announced the availability of a secondary location for MTN fixed LTE-A. The solution allows customers to now have two registered locations from which to access their connectivity solution, ensuring seamless access to digital services across the country. With secondary location enabled, customers are empowered to work from anywhere and fully realise the potential of hybrid working frameworks without compromising on connectivity or quality.

“Good things come in free,” says Theo van Zyl, Head of Wireless at Vox. “The MTN LTE-A second location option comes as a standard feature for customers which means there’s no extra fee to activate it or to use it. We created this offering to give more value back to our customers and to give them the freedom to choose how and when they work, without limitations.”

The solution is designed to provide Vox customers with the agility and flexibility that they need to truly thrive in the modern world. For those wanting to adopt a hybrid framework, the ability to add in an extra location allows customers to create their own work style without compromising their work ethic. Customers wanting to explore the potential of becoming a digital nomad – working from anywhere in the country – this option ensures they remain connected and agile, without hassle or unnecessary expense. Of course, it also makes room for gig workers, the freelance economy and holidaymakers who demand flexibility and connectivity from their investments.

“Right now, most South Africans are feeling the pressure of the cost of living,” says van Zyl. “Fuel is up, food is more expensive, and power is, well, a challenge, so we felt it was time to be part of the solution. This secondary location functionality delivers genuine value for money while delivering exceptional service to our customers and absolute peace of mind. Now you really can work from anywhere – reliably, and with a service provider you can trust.”

Accessing the secondary location functionality for MTN LTE-A is easy. Vox MTN LTE-A customers simply log into the Customer Portal and follow the easy six-step process to add or change their secondary location details. They only need to remember to pack their MTN-approved router and SIM to ensure that they get all the connectivity, speeds and capabilities they’ve grown accustomed to using. If a customer forgets to log into the portal before they leave, they can log in from their mobile device and set the correct location before reconnecting to Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi is more than a way of working or connecting, it’s a lifestyle essential as important as fuel for the car or toothpaste for your toothbrush,” concludes van Zyl. “Without it, enjoying the benefits of work from anywhere is complicated and frustrating. With this solution, the door has been opened and customers can get ready to live and work to their full potential without compromise.”

For more information visit [website] to join other Vox MTN LTE-A customers as they benefit from connectivity anywhere, anywhen.