Integrated ICT and infrastructure provider Vox has partnered with local consultancy Wolfpack Information Risk to take the complexity out of cyber risk management.

By offering South African businesses a single online portal where they can assess threats and weaknesses, train and test employees, and track company-wide progress.

With data showing that 1 in 3 consumers will stop using a business after a security breach, cybersecurity isn’t just an IT risk, it’s a major business risk. The Vox Cybersecurity Portal helps businesses identify and address cyber risk areas within the organisation, including training and testing of staff.

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“In today’s times, cyber criminals are looking for any possible means to penetrate an organisation. We are taking the complexity out of addressing cyber risk with our self-managed portal covering the full spectrum of prevention, detection, incident response and business resilience capabilities,” says Henda Edwardes, Executive Head: Carrier and Communications at Vox.

“We are seeing an increase against companies of all sizes – even NGOs and startups are at risk”, states Craig Rosewarne, Managing Director of Wolfpack.

At its core, the portal includes a Business Toolkit, Training, Simulated Attacks, and a Reporting Dashboard. As part of a limited time offer, business customers who subscribe to the monthly service will also gain access to a Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA) starter pack to guide them on how to become PoPIA compliant.

The Business Toolkit starts off with an intuitive online cybersecurity health check created by leading industry experts, with 50 questions covering key areas of the organisation. The portal then provides an easy to follow programme filled with checklists, editable security policy templates, operational guides and even awareness posters that provide guidance on how to close security gaps.

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“As organisations are increasingly strengthening their cyber security defences, the focus has shifted to the common weakest link – human error. By getting one of your employees to click on a malicious link or forward an email containing potential damaging content, these cyber criminals suddenly have access to your most valuable assets – information,” adds Edwardes.

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To prevent this from happening, an understanding of the company’s current security environment and targeted training of employees has never been more important. A nominated staff member is able to create a tailored training and testing programme for employees and provide regular update reports on their progress.

According to Edwardes, there are over 40 available security awareness courses, and at-risk staff can even be auto enrolled in training to ensure organisations are better protected. These courses combine global best practice with Vox and Wolfpack’s deep understanding of the local cybersecurity landscape.

Changing culture requires engaging, fun and informative training on a regular basis. And, in addition to training, organisations will now be able to simulate realistic phishing attacks – using over 50 templates based on real-world incidents – in order to measure the effectiveness of the training, and make changes where required. Furthermore, the training courses can be accessed at any time, from any mobile device, tablet, or computer.

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“The Vox Cybersecurity Portal gives business customers a self-service hosted portal where they will be able to assess their current security posture and continuously monitor and improve the security posture through recommendations and enhancements to their environment.”

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“The implementation of a proactive approach to information risk management ensures that your business is better prepared for any internal or external attacks. This leaves your company more secure,” says Edwardes.

The Vox Cybersecurity Portal is a monthly subscription service, with businesses paying per user, with a minimum 12-month contract.