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Work from Home vs. Loadshedding

Craig Freer, Executive Head of Cloud and Managed Services, speaks to 702's Bruce Whitfield about how Vox is managing the loadshedding as sta...


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Listen: The benefits and drawbacks of 5G technology

Business Day Spotlight host Mudiwa Gavaza discusses the benefits and drawbacks of 5G technology with Vox CEO Jacques du Toit, as WFH takes h...


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Listen: The 5G landscape in South Africa

Vox CEO, Jacques du Toit, discusses the 5G landscape in SA and how we can unlock our country's enterprise sector through 5G solutions.



Work from Home just got simpler, with Vox and Kyocera

As the world faces unprecedented situations thanks to COVID-19 a new era has emerged when it comes to working patterns in the business world...


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The benefits of working with Fibre

Vox covers the different types of connectivity available to remote workers and highlights the many benefits of working with Fibre.


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Working from home as the new normal

A Vox webinar looking into the new ways of doing business during unprecedented circumstances, featuring a panel including Vox CEO Jacques du...