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It’s not just your office network that must be protected from malicious code, worms and other cyber threats. Your most precious data is often housed or used on your personal devices.

Kaspersky is an award-winning antivirus package designed to block the latest viruses, ransomware, spyware, cryptolockers & more – and helps stop cryptocurrency mining malware damaging your PC’s performance:

  • Delivers real-time antivirus protection
  • Blocks ransomware, cryptolockers & more
  • Prevents cryptomining malware infections
  • Lets your PC perform as it’s designed to

How It Works


  • Multiple layers of security – for PC, Mac and Android

    Our security doesn’t just defend your devices against the latest viruses & ransomware, it also helps to block hackers & attackers. Plus, you get extra tools – including Anti-Banner, Anti-Spam, Software Updater & PC Cleaner – that help to identify vulnerabilities and block, remove or prevent threats on your PC.
    In 2018, our security products took part in 88 independent tests and reviews – achieving 73 first place awards. So far this year, our antivirus solutions have already blocked over 1.9 billion attacks.
    tracked without your knowledge.

  • Privacy and Identity protection – when you need it the most

    Every time you go online shopping & banking – on your PC or Mac – our unique Kaspersky Safe Money technology opens a Protected Browser, to help protect your credit card details, online accounts and financial transactions. Whatever browser you’re using – Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari – your saved passwords, bookmarks and preferences are retained when you launch our Protected Browser.

  • Kaspersky Safe Money – helps secure online transactions

    The dangers of kids accessing harmful online content are well documented. Keep your children safe, without the need for hovering, by setting exploration limits.

  • Secure VPN – boosts online security

    Whenever you go online – on your PC, Mac or mobile – our secure VPN service automatically uses an ‘encrypted tunnel’ to help stop hackers reading the data and messages you send and receive*. It even protects you when you’re using public Wi-Fi.
    Plus, it helps you to hide your browsing – even from your ISP. So, it’s easier for you to connect to the Internet via a range of different countries** – to help you access a wider range of websites, movies and live sport.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The client will have a central management console to push the license to several devices and machines, which will allow for ease of management and control.

When you deploy the Kaspersky platform, you’ll have a single, unified management console. This makes it easy for you to set policies, pinpoint vulnerabilities and prioritise fixes, and build in the protection your organisation needs.

With a full breadth of security functionality developed into a single platform and managed via a single console, you’ll be able to configure and secure a broader range of devices and platforms, regardless of where the end user is physically located. This keeps your end users satisfied and productive while ensuring your data and devices stay secure.

No. The service can be used on multiple devices, at home, work or while travelling.

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