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Vox LTE (Telkom)

Vox LTE (powered by Telkom) will get you surfing up a storm in no time!

  • National LTE Coverage
  • Hassle Free install
  • No waiting ages for a fixed line installation
  • SIM + Router = World Wide Bliss
  • Fair Usage Policy (FUP) does apply on Uncapped Packages

Check if you have Vox LTE coverage and buy online by using our new feasibility tool below.

*T&Cs apply


Features And Benefits

  • Uncapped and Capped Packages

    Enjoy your data without any nasty billing surprises.

  • Fibre-like Speeds

    Vox Telkom LTE offer speeds of up to 10Mbps-40Mbps

  • Hassle Free Install

    A plug and play service means no waiting for fixed line installation.

  • Device Compatibility

    Vox Telkom LTE is compatible with CAT4 and CAT6 devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, on the 1st of every month with the Telkom Uncapped package, you’ll receive 250GB at 10Mbps, thereafter 50GB at 4Mbps and thereafter uncapped data at 2Mbps for the remainder of the month.

FUP means Fair Usage Policy, this is implemented to prevent overuse or abuse of services by a few users, which could lead to unavailability of services for other users.


– Capped packages can be topped up once data is depleted.
– Uncapped All-hour packages can be topped up to improve speed.
– Uncapped Business packages can be topped up to provide service between 7pm – 11.59pm

  • 5GB @ R99 (5GB Anytime + 5GB Night Surfer) which works out to R9.90/MB
  • 10GB @ R149 (10GB Anytime + 10GB Night Surfer) which works out to R7.45/MB
  • 20GB @ R249 (20GB Anytime + 10GB Night Surfer) which works out to R6.23/MB
  • 40GB @ R359 (40GB Anytime + 40GB Night Surfer) which works out to R4.49/MB
  • 60GB @ R459 (60GB Anytime + 60GB Night Surfer) which works out to R3.83/MB
  • 120GB @ R759 (120GB Anytime + 120GB Night Surfer) which works out to R3.16/MB
  • 220GB @ R1059 (220Gb Anytime + 220GB Night Surfer) which works out to R2.41/MB

An upgrade is when you purchase a package of a higher base subscription.
A downgrade is when you purchase a package of a lower base subscription.
Both upgrades and downgrades are permitted. Downgrades are subject to a downgrade fee of R465, including VAT.

12am – 7pm

(An LTE/LTE-A once-off data bundle can be purchased to operate between 7pm to 11.59pm)

Yes. An approved router is needed and can be purchased, or rented, from Vox.

Vox Capped and Uncapped packages are month-to-month

  •  Should an Uncapped package be cancelled within the first 12 months, a cancellation fee will be charged.

Your RICA documents will be required upon ordering Vox LTE which are:

    • Certified Copy of your I.D
    • Proof of Address not older than 3 months

Content Hub

Vox 4 Thought
Lockdown and the way it has changed the way mobile data services us
Access to reliable connectivity has become as much a necessity as air and water – an absolute must-have to rate a livelihood in the digital age. 
Lockdown and the way it has changed the way mobile data services us
Vox 4 Thought
Fixed LTE a Viable Connectivity Option for South Africans
LTE and LTE-Advanced technologies are becoming more widely available and can potentially cater for virtually any budget.

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