In 2020, a global pandemic threw the world into turmoil. While many businesses panicked, 3CX saw an opportunity to make a difference. With many workplaces at a standstill and a desperate need for an effective solution, the brand stepped in to provide free, simple and accessible communication tools aimed at getting everyone back on their feet.

3CX believes that a desire to innovate and deliver quality products is paramount to success.

No doubt, it’s this ethos combined with a decisive, rapid response to a global crisis that allowed them to shine throughout 2020.

As a result, the 3CX platform scooped up the title of UC Platform Supplier of the Year at the 2020 Comms Business Awards. Truth be told, the brand faced stiff competition from international industry leaders such as 8×8, Wildix and Telcoswitch. However, despite some truly amazing alternatives, the judges chose to award top spot to the 3CX communications system- an honour indeed!

A panel of cross-industry experts made their decision based on a few defining factors: commitment, innovation and commercial strategy. This was weighed against performance, impact and partner feedback before a final decision was made- a decision that’s twice as fulfilling seeing as 3CX is one of the few remaining vendors to sell exclusively through a channel structure.

In the words of Stefan Walther, CEO of 3CX:

“In a year that’s been unlike any other we’ve experienced as an organisation, we’re thrilled to have been recognised by a renowned publication like Comms Business. Our team has been working around the clock to enhance 3CX for partners and customers transitioning to remote working in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s great that their incredible efforts have been rewarded.”

This award is truly prestigious, as Comms Business represents the largest publication for the ICT Channel within the UK. Their reach extends to the thousands and, as far as titles go, one’s like these are as good as it gets.

Next on the 3CX horizon? Building on this success for an even more fruitful 2021. As it stands, Version 18 is already in mind, which will introduce improvements to both Live Chat and Webmeeting while integrating a free helpdesk solution to 3CX. The team at 3CX can’t wait- now bring on next year’s awards!