Vox has launched Vobi, a mobile softphone that allows users to make and receive calls from their mobile phones, using the Vox Telecom network, for better rates than those offered by the operators.

¨For 20 years the mobile operators have overcharged businesses and consumers. There is a better way and it is called Vobi¨ says Henda Edwardes, Executive Head of Communication Solutions at Vox.

Vox believes that the perception that voice is disappearing is incorrect and that it is only the rates that are declining (although reduced costs are not always passed on to the customer).

The real shift, is the point where the voice service terminates.  People are running voice services over their PCs when they do conference calls.

¨For businesses in particular, traffic is moving off of PBXs and onto mobile handsets and mobile penetration is reflecting this shift.  In order to remain relevant we have to follow the traffic, and ensure that we pick it up where it terminates.

It is this shift and the ability to find more cost effective alternatives, that prompted us to develop Vobi,¨ adds Edwardes.

The Vobi app can be downloaded via Google Play and Apple App stores.  Customers will be prompted to subscribe to a separate rate plan after which, voice and video calls can be made for a fraction of the cost over the Vox Telecom network.

Says du Edwardes, ¨Customers can save on their telephony bills by cancelling existing landlines, moving their numbers to Vox and using Vobi to make and receive all their calls.” Reduced call rates on video and voice calls, across networks, and international destinations, call recording, conference calls and call transfers are all delivered within the app.  Vobi integrates with address books and supports Bluetooth headsets.

Consumers can choose between two Vobi packages to suit their requirements:

  1. Monthly fee of R25 and R0.41 flat rate per minute calling plan anywhere in SA including mobile numbers and low international call cost
  2. Uncapped package of R299 per month with uncapped calls anywhere in SA

Concludes Edwardes, ¨There has never been a better time for businesses and consumers to choose mobile and OTT services for a more cost effective, better quality voice service.¨