They say time is money.

They say Data is power.

They say the key to success is a good Internet connection.


Just kidding. We made the last two up – but they do make sense and, in a post-pandemic world (with far fewer Zombies than we expected), they definitely hit home. For better or worse, we have definitively entered into a new digital age. An era where working from home is as common as a power outage in SA, where businesses require large amounts of easily accessible Data, and where your ability to move faster than a car guard when you hit reverse is as crucial to your organisational success as keeping the lights on.

Fact is that the working world has drastically shifted – seemingly overnight. From international conglomerates to local legacy businesses, successful organisations in 2022 have learned to recognise the importance of embracing this culture shift. Brands today require intelligent solutions which harness the full power of the Internet to maximise efficiency and enable sustainable growth. In doing so, their needs and demands have similarly increased exponentially. Cloud-computing, file sharing, Data exchanging, and pooled resources all play a role in the modern business – and key to this functioning smoothly is a universal need for Connectivity Solutions capable of handling these previously unforeseen demands.

Modern problems require modern solutions. And, as organisational demands have shifted to new levels, so too have the Internet Services available to assist them. Enter Gigabit Internet, which offers serious Connectivity for serious Connectivity needs.

First off – what is it, and why would my business possibly need it?

Much like working from home and wearing a mask in public, the concept of Gigabit Internet would surely have seemed ludicrous just a few short years ago.

However, as businesses have learned first-hand about the negative impact of inadequate bandwidth (think reduced productivity, slow downloads, and the organisational efficiency of Home Affairs), this demand for a serious upgrade capable of handling more advanced needs became increasingly common.

Many moons ago, we used to make do with dial-up Connectivity and speeds measured in Kbps. Today? Gigabit Solutions offer up to 1000 Megabits PER SECOND (1MB = 1000KB). It’s faster, it’s more stable, it offers unprecedented abilities to perform advanced business functions and, most importantly, provides a wealth of intangible benefits such as better performance, the ability for staff to excel, and your organisation to never be limited by Connectivity which won’t cooperate.

To put things into perspective: Imagine the possibilities when you factor in Data Sharing and Communications. When your office or team full of people, each connected simultaneously, can go about their business with essentially no delays. It’s an unprecedented level of efficiency and offers Connectivity capable of standing toe-to-toe with even the most demanding environments – we would classify it as the future of FTTB, but the reality is that this is the present

But, you ask, this seems excessive – do I really need this? In fact, who would?

We get that a lot. If you’re an organisation which transmits a lot of Data, chances are you can benefit immensely from Gigabit Internet. Think media houses who constantly upload to the Cloud. Think a directory or website of services (rhymes with “WeBuyBras”) who perpetually interact with interchangeable Data. Think Crypto and Web Development on a large scale. Think Cloud Services and Backups. Think any mid-to-large organisation who would thrive in a world where things worked faster, safer, and more efficiently. The possibilities are endless, and the benefits? Well, here’s but a few:

  • More reliable Connectivity, less prone to outside interference, outages, and downtime.
  • The ability to handle a large number of users or devices with minimal interference.
  • Facilitates a high dependency on Cloud for maximised productivity.
  • Working with large files or content? You’ll never have issues again.
  • Improved levels of online communication, collaboration and connection.
  • Better, more reliable packet delivery.
  • Room for maximised growth and flexibility.

Sold yet? Here’s the pitch…

You’re probably thinking, “great, you’re offering Pentagon level Line Speeds – but it’ll also cause a National Security Threat to my budget”.

Quite the contrary. In fact, it’s even on promotion. As part of our Big Bandwidth Year End Promo, we’re offering 1Gbps Internet (and the millions of possibilities it presents) marked down from R11 999.00 to R8999.00. That’s unmatched Connectivity available for a monthly rental cheaper than a PS5, iPhone from 2 years ago, or a quarter tank of petrol.

With this, you get:

  • Uncapped Data
  • 8 FREE Concurrent, Uncapped, Outbound Voice Channels.
  • 16 Free Concurrent Inbound Voice Channels
  • 100 FREE Hosted PBX Extensions.
  • 2 Mbps Dedicated Voice VLAN
  • 24/7/365 Support.

It’s enough to turn any business from “staying in the race” to “miles ahead of the rest”. Make no mistake, this is serious Internet for organisations serious about putting their best foot forward and truly embracing the new normal. It’s faster, more powerful, and able to handle more Data – if connectivity solutions were a team of heroes, this one would be Superman.

(Side Note: If you’re Interested in serious Internet but don’t want to go all out, we’ve also reduced our 500Mbps line from R10 499 to R8499).

So… if you’re ready to step into the future of Connectivity (significantly before any of your competition does) and face the dawn of a new era of Internet, look no further. Gigabit Internet is the here, the now and the tomorrow – so let’s give your business the power it deserves.