Vox, has reaffirmed its strategic partnership with Mimecast and signed up as a user, ensuring first-hand experience of the products, services and solutions offered by the company in an Office 365-led environment.

“Mimecast is a best of breed product in the email security space and therefore meets the requirements in line with our policy to internally use the products that we take to market, says Craig Freer, executive head: Cloud and Managed Services at Vox.

Vox became a Mimecast managed partner in February 2016 and is extending this relationship by becoming a customer. South Africa has one of the highest rates of cyber-attacks globally, with Ransomware being the biggest risk and up to 90% of all ransomware attacks originating from email. Mimecast protects businesses by offering advanced email security that defends against malware, spam, advanced phishing and other emerging attacks, while preventing data leaks.

Vox believes that it will benefit not only from enhanced security in its own environment, but will be even better placed to consult on the benefits of deploying Mimecast to existing and future customers across all industries, irrespective of size.

Brandon Bekker, managing director of Mimecast Africa and Middle East, said, “When partners become customers, we know we must be doing something right. A strong collaboration between the two companies sends a message to customers that we are better together, delivering cyber resilience for businesses across the country.”

¨The message to market should be clear – any Office 365 engagement should be considered with Mimecast. And we are backing it, by spending money on it,¨ adds Freer.

As a Microsoft CSP and through its strategic partnership with Mimecast, the Vox managed services team is ideally placed to install, support, migrate and integrate Office 365 and Mimecast solutions.

“Vox is an important Mimecast partner and having them as a customer will only strengthen this relationship. The end user experience is an important part of our offering. Allowing Vox staff to experience first-hand our security solution, will empower them to communicate the key benefits and motivate them to educate Vox customers about the need for advanced email security,” concludes Bekker.