“Azure Arc runs on both new and existing hardware, virtualization and Kubernetes platforms, IoT devices, and integrated systems.”

In simple terms? Azure Arc runs on any node with an IP address…

If you work in technology and are responsible for complex enterprise architecture, you’ve probably debated whether multi-cloud is a bad idea and design, or an anti-pattern good idea.

The reality, however, is somewhere in between. Experience has shown that, due to ever changing technology and a drive for continuous improvement, we can in fact both design for multi-cloud AND find ourselves within a multi-cloud environment.

Finding a unified solution is highly unlikely. When it comes to cloud providers, some platforms do certain things better than others whilst others integrate better with third-party systems. And, at the other end of the spectrum, sometimes on-premises solutions just work better!

Whatever the case, you will inevitably find yourself in a multi-cloud and hybrid environment. The tough part is managing all these resources on multiple platforms – which is where Microsoft Azure Arc steps in.

Azure Arc is compatible with other Cloud Solution providers. This gives businesses the ability to link resources together, allowing them to interact with each other. This, in turn, allows for managing scale, enabling automation, and optimizing the individual platforms’ capabilities. All in one common management and monitoring capability. Ultimately this allows you to make Azure Arc accessible to operations teams and management

Today, our customers can run their workloads where it makes sense for their business, With the growing complexity of technology, businesses can now implement Unified Operations and Management with Azure Arc. Starting with the workloads running outside of Azure, which can be onboarded and easily managed on Azure such as Windows, Linux, SQL, Kubernetes cluster, and many more.

This brings in a totally different dimension, one wherein all non-Azure machines are treated as resources in Azure once they are connected, giving your business that unified experience.

The Azure Arc unified experience allows the non-Azure machines to be managed inside a subscription and benefit from the standard Azure constructs, such as easily extending management services like Azure Policy monitor, Security center, and Azure Sentinel a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) which allows businesses to manage, govern and secure your hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

It’s impressive to see how Azure Arc accommodates servers on any infrastructure and allows businesses to take advantage of additional value such as Azure Security services and hands-on SQL assessments ensuring your databases are optimally altered. Azure Arc has given customers self-assurance when making an informed decision about cloud migration based on the data they received from the workloads. With zero human error, the data gives the precise ROI for moving particular workloads.

Given the huge investments customers have in Data Centre infrastructure and multiple cloud solutions, inevitably it can become overwhelming to manage everything all at once.

Azure Arc is an unmatched tool that can benefit your business, with data-driven migration, time-saving, reduced costs, deployments in seconds rather than hours, bringing down RTOs (recovery time objectives) scalability, always up-to-date cloud innovation, and most important regulatory compliance that give you peace of mind during audits.

Vox have qualified and dedicated Microsoft specialists that are armed with tremendous knowledge to help customers make their Hybrid environment work, understand the solution in place and help maximize and manage on-prem and cloud services through” A single pane of glass”.

Azure Arc gives businesses the flexibility to do all at once from Anywhere.

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