Braintree, a trusted Microsoft Gold Certified Partner powered by Vivica Holdings, has completed the acquisition of the Xbox business of Vox and has introduced a new flexible rental model as part of the company’s efforts to make consoles more widely accessible to the public.

“The principle idea behind the transaction was to expand our offering to include Xbox Series S and Series X consoles, peripherals and game vouchers, further strengthening our position as the ‘Masters of Microsoft’. We have reimagined the rental model and are contacting existing customers to inform them of the changes,” says Heath Huxtable,

Huxtable points out that today’s consoles aren’t just about playing games: users can install all their streaming apps and even browse the web, while being able to connect them to your soundbar or AV receiver – and play UHD blu ray discs in the case of the Xbox Series X – turns them into a complete home entertainment system.

Huxtable says the new flexible rental model features a reduced monthly cost, while customers can opt-out at any time without penalties by providing 30 days’ notice. AN upfront deposit equal to one month’s rental value depending on the unit rented. If a console malfunctions during the rental period, Braintree will collect, assess and replace (and not repair) the device.

“Lower rentals along with the lack of fixed-contract terms will make consoles accessible to a wider portion of the public. The opt-in/ opt-out model also makes it possible to rent consoles for a short period before returning them. This makes it ideal for personal use over the holidays, social gatherings, or even in recreational zones at corporate functions or workplaces,” adds Huxtable.

The Xbox business will be added under Braintree Home, which brings together the full breadth of the company’s consumer offerings, ranging from game consoles and peripherals, vouchers that parents or partners of gamers can buy as a gift to purchase digital copies of games or make in game purchases, and game pass subscriptions which give the user access to a full catalogue of games – as well as software such as anti-virus solutions for personal and family use.

“When the customer wants to cancel their rental, they can just provide us with the 30 days notice; Braintree will organise for a courier to collect the device, at no cost to the customer, when the notice period is due,” says Huxtable.

In addition to the rentals, customers can also opt to purchase the consoles outright, should they want to.