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Streamline your communications, cut down on costs and enjoy the flexibility and scalability that only the cloud can offer with 3CX Cloud.

It might sound like a pitch for a product ‘as seen on TV’ but cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange) offers companies so much more than the ability to cut through cans without blunting their steak knives.

With a cloud-hosted PBX, not only will they be able to enjoy all the benefits of a Unified Communications solution (we’re talking voice, web conferencing, chat and content sharing in one) wherever their employees happen to be working from, it also means cutting down on huge expenses when it comes to hardware and specialised IT maintenance too.

Cut Down on Costs

Of all the benefits cloud computing offers businesses, avoiding large sums of capital outlay must be one of the best. You don’t have to worry about buying and installing new hardware with cloud PBX as everything is hosted in secure, off-site data centres, monitored and controlled by a central team of experts.

This means you can wave goodbye to space-hogging servers filled with masses of cables and complicated switches while still enjoying the functionality of your traditional PBX solution, and then some, as cloud PBX runs through your Internet connection. Desk phones are also an optional extra as the solution operates through smartphones and PCs with ease, which all adds up to an extremely low total cost of ownership.

As the solution is hosted off-site, set up is incredibly easy on your end and all upgrades and additional features are added to your phone system immediately without you having to lift a finger – not even the one you use to dial.

Besides all the above, by hosting your PBX solution off-site, you won’t have to worry about power outages at home or the office interrupting your business calls as the off-site data centres offer full redundancy. This also means cutting down on the costs for backup power solutions of your own to keep those servers running.

Pay as you Grow

A communications solution simplified, cloud PBX really shines when it comes to offering the flexibility for companies to literally communicate from wherever they happen to be working from – be it at the office, at home or on the road – and the scalability of adding or removing users with little to no fuss in no time.

We couldn’t be more excited about our 3CX Cloud offering, which is broken down into three separate packages, all with unlimited users, jam-packed with features and billed according to the amount of simultaneous calls your company will need to make – and by that we mean the amount of incoming, outgoing and internal calls your company makes at the same time. Did we mention we offer the Standard Edition 3CX licence for free for the first year? Because we do.

Our 3CX Cloud offerings are tiered according to the Standard, Professional and Enterprise Editions to suit your specific needs and the size of your company. Each Edition is customisable based on the number of your simultaneous calls, fully managed by Vox and connects to the Vox network to allow you to enjoy the most competitive, industry-leading voice rates for additional savings. If you need more functionality, an upgrade is a simple call away.

When it comes down to it, cloud PBX is an absolute no-brainer.