As South Africa moves to the next phase in the response to COVD-19, many organisations find themselves in unprecedented circumstances.

The Disaster Management Act has laid down strict regulations which must be followed by all employers when employees return to the premises, and many companies are struggling to balance compliance with the safety of their employees.

Vox’s Guardian Eye division is ideally positioned to provide advice in navigating what for many companies are uncharted waters and implement fit for purpose solutions to ensure compliance while safeguarding employees.

Guardian Eye has put together a range of key technology to suit both smaller companies and large organisations where manual technology is not practical.

Hand-held scanners

Hand-held non-contact scanners are perfect for small businesses with low traffic. Options include infrared and thermal technology. Scanners are cost-effective and can be rapidly deployed.

Hand-held thermometers

Non-contact Infrared thermometers have the following advantages:

  • Lightweight and easy to read
  • Quick, simple and accurate to within .05 degrees Celsius
  • Battery-powered to ensure function even in a power failure
  • Inexpensive
  • Measure body temperature, ambient temperature and relative humidity

Static cameras

Static cameras are designed to measure body temperature using thermal technology. Combined with Artificial intelligence not only does it enable us to store temperature readings against facial snapshots (whether recognised or not), it also caters for mask and other health and safety compliance checks to efficiently identify non-compliance. This type of deployment is ideal for larger traffic flows, as it reads and detects people with higher body temperatures in a crowded area.

The infrared cameras have the following advantages:

  • Track and trace people with high body temperatures in a crowd
  • Live view support on PC, mobile device or external monitor
  • Thermographic accuracy to within 0.3 degrees C
  • Safe measurement distance to avoid unnecessary physical contact

Frictionless access control

Our facial readers now incorporate temperature screening, not only providing you with frictionless access control, but also doubling to screen the temperature of the person presenting their face for access.

The facial reader come with a built in AI engine to again detect objects such as facial masks or hard hats. These readers can be used detect and assess known or unknown faces which means that in a reception environment a reader can be used to grant access to guests purely based on their compliance to COVID-19 regulations.

Frictionless access control has the following benefits:

  • Convert any existing access control system to frictionless with seamless integration
  • Cater for both staff and visitor access, screening the person upon arrival
  • Thermographic accuracy to within 0.5 degrees C
  • Recognition distance: 0.3 to 2 metres
  • On device capacity: 50 000 faces, 50 000 cards and 100000 events.

Sterilisation booths and sanitation tunnels

While sterilisation booths do not detect any elevation in temperature, they are ideal for businesses which require deep-cleaning and sanitsation.

Sterilisation booths

Sterilisation booths have the following advantages:

  • Booths can be easily assembled, used immediately and is flexible and portable
  • No additional tools required, and no manpower is wasted
  • Most booths use alcohol-free sanitisers which spray in a fine mist, which does not affect clothing or glasses.
Sanitation tunnels

Sanitisation tunnels differ from sterilisation booths in that the employee walks through the tunnel instead of remaining in the booth. However, the advantages are similar in that no manpower is required, and flexibility and mobility are maintained.

Guardian Eye has the perfect solution to meet your compliance, employee safety and budgetary needs.