Running a business in today’s day and age is costly – not to mention at times a logistical nightmare. In fact, given the landscape us South Africans have had to navigate (one pandemic, one riot, two floods and multiple bouts of loadshedding within a two-year period, to be precise), businesses across the board have had to tighten belts and embrace the pinch that is budget constraints.

Between salaries, expenses, equipment and beyond, recent events have been tumultuous as far as business owners are concerned. We’ve all been affected in some way or another – whether it’s your favourite family business finally closing their doors or your loyal, dedicated staff having to take unexpected pay cuts.

In light of this, no brand can really afford unforeseen expenses, unexpected bill shocks, going over budget or rapidly escalating costs which continue to spiral out of control. Most organisations are tightening their belts and pinching their wallets and, at this point in time, any additional expenditure can have long-lasting, potentially fatal repercussions for your brand.

So, let’s get into it – what does Cost Management Entail?

The term can be loosely defined as the process of planning, managing, and controlling your business expenditure. It enables one to predict and navigate organisational expenses in order to control your spending (and keep this within the stipulated budget) – thus making it an integral part of your overall business strategy.

An intense and intricate process, Cost Management involves multiple factors (thereby making it easy to lose control of), but the endgame is to essentially improve cost efficiency by either reducing or restricting the growth of expenses across the board. The strategy, therefore, is an essential business tool – it allows you to align your business strategy and work within your means to operate at maximised efficiency.

The success and sustainable growth of any entity, specifically businesses in this context, is inextricably linked to above adequate (and sustainable) management practices which allow your team to make the correct strategic decisions. Spend too much, and you risk bleeding capital and running at a loss. Spend too little, and you similarly run the risk of drastically limiting your business by operating at a level below that which is needed. An effective Cost Management Strategy effectively allows your brand to:

  • Monitor overall financial health, providing a platform for sustainable decision making and continued positive dividends.
  • Optimised financial planning and efficient, effective strategic/financial decisions.
  • Explore the possibility of reduced costs with increased profit margins.
  • The ability to identify unnecessary expenses which do not yield sufficient returns whilst establishing better uses for your finances.

Despite being crucial to sustainable organisational growth, many entities and managers still tend to understand its importance – especially those not fully aware of its benefits.

This is where Cost Management comes into play – with particular focus on Microsoft Azure – as it allows a neutral team of third-party experts to assist your brand with navigating this difficult financial climate. Not only does it provide a full and comprehensive outlining of exactly what risks your organisation faces, but it simultaneously details a feasible, tangible strategy to ensure that the “worst case scenario” is never an actual reality.

So… what is Azure Cost Management and how does it help me?

Azure Cost Management is, simply put, your gateway to successfully reducing business risks, managing expenses, and ensuring your efficiency does not come at the cost of going over budget. Our team of experts at Qwerti will assess and evaluate your structures, in turn offering you the following:

  • Complete Cost Optimisation
  • Mitigation of Risks across the board
  • Increased Operational Efficiencies
  • Provide you with a full Cost Management Assessment, which will in turn allow your brand to mitigate the expenses affiliated with general operations.

Let our team of experts at Qwerti guide your brand towards maximising your budget and ensuring that your future financial success is never compromised. Ready to get going? Our Assessments are completely free of charge – all you have to do is give us a shout and let our team do the rest.