A quick and easy way to integrate Voice calling into Teams – no matter where your employees are working from


Using Microsoft Teams has proven itself as an excellent platform for calling, holding meetings and collaborating with colleagues working remotely or from office spaces in different parts of the country. Teams has been proven to keep effective communications going among skilled colleagues no matter where in the country – or the world – they might be based.


Did you know that in addition, with Microsoft Operator Connect, businesses can quickly and easily integrate Voice calling into Teams, saving on costs and enhancing communications and efficiencies further?


As a Microsoft Operator Connect partner, Vox hosts and manages the infrastructure required for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol, or calls made over the internet) as well as PSTN[1] calling (meaning calls made over landline), using Teams, powered by Microsoft Azure.


By enhancing the integration of Vox’s low-latency, quality-controlled Voice Network with Microsoft Teams, Operator Connect offers streamlined, fully-managed Vox Voice services and radically improved call quality. With Operator Connect, users can make, receive, transfer, forward and put a Voice call on hold from any location via a Teams-enabled computer or smart device.



Vox and Microsoft Operator Connect


Customers can connect their existing phone numbers to Microsoft Teams or obtain new numbers, manage their calling plans, and configure their call routing right from within Microsoft Teams. This is particularly helpful for the IT department – your technicians can quickly assign numbers without needing to go through external providers, and can manage everything from one place.


By subscribing to Operator Connect, Teams users get a telephone number on which they can make and receive calls. Users can call any phone number in the world and receive calls from anyone in turn, from their mobile phone or computer.


With Operator Connect, Teams replaces the company’s old handsets, and users make and receive phone calls directly within Teams.


Benefits of partnering with Vox and Operator Connect include:


  • Migrate your current Vox Voice services or port numbers from your existing operator quickly and easily (Geographic and Non-Geographic numbers).
  • Operator Connect is designed to be easy for the IT team to use from the Teams Admin Centre.
  • The solution is budget-friendly: One of the benefits of Operator Connect is that by enabling Voice calling directly from Microsoft Teams on PC or mobile phone, no other hardware is required.
  • Vox provides tech support and service level agreements (SLAs) for excellent trouble-shooting and ongoing reliability.
  • Significant savings: With either Unlimited or Post-Paid Voice packages to choose from, Vox will tailor a calling plan suited to your business needs.
  • Every customer receives the most secure and value-rich solution as default, with active 24/7/365 fraud monitoring and guaranteed 99.9% uptime, with punitive SLA clauses should we not deliver on our promise.
  • Quality of service: Your Microsoft Teams and Voice traffic is prioritised above all other traffic travelling across your Fibre connection. This means that your Teams and Voice calls will not be interrupted by other activity happening on your network. This is a proprietary service offered by Vox on your Vox home or business Fibre last mile link.



Teams and Vox: A Winning Combination


Subscribing to Operator Connect is not difficult at all – just click here to enquire, and then a Vox expert will contact you and guide you through the quick and simple subscription process.


Once you accept, we’ll establish a trunk connection for you, assist you to provision users and assign phone numbers directly from the Teams Admin Centre so you can start making calls – it’s friendly on the bottom line, hassle-free, secure and tailored to your unique business requirements.


Simply subscribe to Operator Connect from Vox and leave the rest to us.

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[1] The PSTN (Publicly Switched Telephone Network) is the network that carries your voice calls when you call from a landline or cell phone. It refers to the worldwide network of voice-carrying telephone infrastructure, including privately-owned and government-owned infrastructure.