Did you know?

• 95% of hacking attacks start with a phishing email
• 24% of breaches are caused by human error
• The cost of the average attack rose from R3M to R4M in 2021
• South Africa is the third most targeted country in the world
• It took organisations around 280 days to identify a breach
• The majority of companies who were hit with ransomware said their backup was compromised

And the frightening fact is that most South African organisations don’t have the right Cyber Security tools in place or the skills to manage them.

Is your business one of them?

Armata Cyber Security’s Richard Frost, along with fellow industry experts, Craig Rosewarne from Wolfpack Information Risk, Ryan van de Coolwijk from ITOO Special Risks and Christian Jeurissen from Africa Group|IB, discuss how to best protect your business when security threats are ever-present.

Topics include:

1. Key statistics in the Cyber Insurance industry.
2. Key trends seen by Cyber Incident Response companies.
3. The importance of User Awareness Training in Cyber Security.
4. An introduction to Armata, Vox’s Cyber Security offering.