If there’s one constant your business can rely on these days, it’s change.  Your IT needs today, tomorrow, next month or next year, are unlikely to be the same as they are right now.

With the current push to work from home, businesses are downscaling their office space and require a secure environment to host their servers. For companies who have made the decision not to keep their infrastructure onsite, the options include collocation in a datacentre, migration to cloud or very often a hybrid of the two.

Cloud computing is the way of the future, but what if you are not ready to migrate to a full cloud solution?

Listen to industry experts, Barry Kemp from Vox and Di Buijs from Teraco, as they cover the first steps in your cloud journey by Colocating your existing server infrastructure.

Topics include:

  • What is the cloud and how it can be of benefit to your organisation
  • How to start your organisation on the cloud journey
  • Co-location with Teraco, South Africa’s world-class data centre
  • Moving to the cloud in a few easy steps