The recent Reignite GP 2017 conference hosted by Braintree, a subsidiary of Vox, revealed a platform that is neither dated nor dying. Instead, the relevance and agility of Microsoft Dynamics GP (Formerly Great Plains) was showcased across partner, platform and industry. While GP may be an industry stalwart, it continues to deliver what organisations need as they face shifting trends and mercurial markets.

“There is a myth that has been circulating – GP is dead – and it is a myth that can be easily debunked,” says Heath Huxtable, Executive Head of Braintree at Vox. “Microsoft has continued to invest significant research and development into GP, ensuring that it remains relevant, that its technology is up to date and that its customers receive exceptional value. GP is alive and well with more than 47,000 global customers and a thriving international community.”

Microsoft Dynamics GP is currently being used by organisations in South Africa, Australia, Middle East, UAE, Canada, the United States, and Mexico, to name a few. It is one of the most feature-rich and capable systems on the market, allowing for users to harness its agility and flexibility to maintain their own market relevance in the face of disruption and digital evolution.

“Not only has GP received significant R&D, but it is also capable of integration into incredibly successful cloud platforms such as Azure and PowerBI, allowing for even richer functionality and capability,” adds Huxtable. “In a cloud-first, mobile- driven world, it provides the adaptability that the organisation needs to meet these challenges head first.”

For most organisations, the customer has become the focal point across all forms of investment, communication and development. This focus is no different for those invested in the development of Microsoft Dynamics GP. The community that has grown up alongside the solution is motivated by customer passion and collaboration.

“Our community is a testament to the popularity of GP and the loyalty it inspires in its users,” says Huxtable. “It provides immeasurable support as customers share insights that drive business success and greater understanding of GP as a whole.”

In addition to its ubiquity as a resource, GP is designed to ensure adoption and integration is as seamless as possible. The interface uses familiar design elements to break down the barrier to entry, and allows for employees to instantly engage with the benefits it provides. In addition, GP boasts a new web client that is fast and incredibly easy to use.

“GP delivers tangible efficiencies around business insights and intelligence while ensuring a superb user experience,” says Huxtable. “We have worked with organisations that have adopted GP with only five users and today they have more than 400, all on the back of using a good ERP solution. GP gives users the answers they need whether they are dealing with a customer, handling payments, managing inventory and so much more. It completely streamlines life and business.”

Braintree, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vox, has been working with GP for more than 20 years. The company is as passionate about its capability today as it was when it first engaged with it. As the largest Microsoft Dynamics GP partner in Africa, the company is committed to providing African organisations with a solution that is not only globally recognised and supported, but that taps into the expertise and excellence of Microsoft and its extensive R&D.

“Our objective is to make people’s lives and businesses more efficient, supporting them in working better through technology,” concludes Huxtable. “We have been Microsoft partners since 1996, and our consultants have worked with the Dynamics range for more than 20 years. If nothing else shows our belief in GP, that does.”