Let’s talk… future proofing your business resources

It’s no secret that modern businesses face modern challenges, which more-often-than-not require modern solutions. Yes, we said modern a lot, but such is the nature of the present day (resisted the urge) work environment we face today.

Whereas traditionally, organisations had their hands full with “old-school” problems such as managing employees, resources, stock, and physical challenges (plus the risk of conventional crimes), today’s shift to a digital world has been a double-edged sword. Yes, it’s made running a business infinitely easier, as combining technology with practicality has resulted in immeasurable business growth, but with these benefits have come a wealth of new, previously unforeseen risks alike. Today’s brands can no longer rely on yesterday’s methods of ensuring maximised efficiency and safety – as we move towards the future of operations, so too do we need to make a similar transition to newer and more innovative methods of managing our brand.

Enter Braintree, which makes future-proofing your business a way of the present – particularly within our Assessments Spectrum.

Our Braintree Assessments comprise of a wide array of completely free services guaranteed to gear up your brand for maximised future growth. Safety, security, efficiency, streamlined operations and more – you name it, we cover it, and we’ll be unpacking just a few of the ways our organisation can help yours down below.

But first, let’s unpack what these Assessments entail…

  • First on the list is our Microsoft 365 Evaluations:

These comprise of understanding the risk and compliance across the entire 365, Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and Azure AD components. Our team of experts will unpack, assess, and report on the above multitude of elements to allow your brand to maximise your investment and unlock the full potential of your M365 suite.

  • Next up, our Teams Assessments:

Widely considered the hero of the pandemic, Microsoft Teams has become a mainstay in daily business operations across the globe. Our Assessments helps to enhance this experience by testing network performance and connectivity for all your MT calls.

  • Let’s look at Azure Cloud Readiness:

Moving to the Cloud is no simple feat – and a proper evaluation is imperative in order to make this transition as easy, cost-effective, and painless as possible. Herein, we’ll assess workloads and your overall business readiness in order to facilitate the migration of applications to Azure.

  • What about SQL Servers?

We’re glad you asked. Herein, we’ll assess SQL cost and license efficiency, so your business doesn’t have to. In doing so, we’ll supplement this by simultaneously evaluating your Cloud Readiness and compatibility.

  • Last, but certainly not least, CSAT Cyber Security:

With this being Cyber Security Month, we’d be amiss to not include some focus on your safety within our Assessments portfolio. This service offering will rapidly assess your Hybrid IT Environmental Security Status – specifically with regards to endpoints, Active Directory, 365, Azure, and more.

As can be seen, our range of free Assessments is vast, comprehensive, and meant to cover multiple organisational touchpoints so as to ensure your business is fully catered for. Our team of experts have years of industry knowledge from which to draw from – as well as a proven track record of long-term, sustainable growth for all our happy clients.

We have perfected the art of evaluating where and how your business can be made more efficient while paving the way for a smarter, technologically-grounded tomorrow – and we hope to share this knowledge with anyone willing to learn. If you’re interested in one of our Assessments and hoping to explore these concepts further, give us a shout, and let one of our team members propel your organisation into a safer, smarter, and optimised tomorrow.