The new era of hybrid work is here, and Vox has all the solutions you need to thrive today, and in the years to come.

There is one thing the last 18 months have made undeniably clear: The expectations of both employer and employee have shifted and there’s no turning back.

Businesses need connectivity and communications tools that can support their workforce wherever they happen to be working from; at the office, on the road, at home or another country altogether.

Hybrid working is the name of the game – providing organisations with an opportunity to cut costs and simultaneously improve company and individual performance.  Creating a sustainable hybrid work environment is also a necessity to attract and retain top talent.

Finding a single service provider that can help you capitalise on the unique opportunities presented by hybrid working is invaluable.  They’ll guide your thinking to design, implement and support the platforms you need to support your distributed workforce in performing their roles, on any device. The right service provider will offer a seamless experience for everything from voice and video calls to chat and presence, without the need for expensive hardware and complicated application downloads.

Besides keeping workforce productivity levels up and frustration levels low, hybrid working brings a number of cost saving opportunities to businesses.  This includes reduced office coffee and toilet paper consumption, to Fibre connectivity, collaborative applications and competitive voice rates that negate the need for costly cellular expense claims from staff using their personal phones to remain in contact.

The shift to remote working has boosted productivity and cost savings.

70% of organisations believe that the productivity gains of remote working are sustainable beyond the pandemic. 

Removing Geographical Boundaries

Hybrid work is more than a location decision.  Designing a hybrid work model requires leaders to acknowledge that while certain roles can be performed remotely, some require permanent on-campus presence, while others need to be a mix of the two.

With remote job listings on the rise, Microsoft’s Work Trend Index: 2021 Annual Report found that 46% of remote workers are planning to move to a new location in the next year.  Removing geographical restrictions for work not only gives everyone qualified a fair opportunity to apply for the position, it also offers businesses access to an essentially unlimited global talent pool featuring a diverse range of applicants, creating a stronger work environment for all.

This is only possible if organisations can attract, and then retain, talent from this global workforce – organisations need to intentionally select the connectivity, technology platforms and service partners required to enable a hybrid work model tailored to their specific distributed workforce needs.

It is essential that users spread across the globe should always feel included with a uniform experience across any device in any location.  And with the potential for multiple time-zones, status setting is key in maintaining personal and business life balance.

Access to the tools, platforms and user-support needed to enable everyone means communications platforms should be cloud-based and the provider of the solution needs to be equipped to support your workforce around the clock 365 days of the year.

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41% of employees are considering leaving their current employer

Organisations that don’t purposefully enable a hybrid work model will run the risk of becoming irrelevant if existing or prospective employees are not equipped with the tools, platforms and support to work flexibly.

The Tools Needed to Embrace Hybrid Work

The new era of radical, agile working patterns requires a technological shift.

Not only will this shift create user-centric experiences for the connected workplace, it will also allow companies to embrace other benefits hybrid work has to offer, including increased productivity, cost-saving and security.

The key lies in choosing a technology partner that not only offers fast, reliable connectivity, but access to cost-effective, future-proof communications tools that allow you to make the most of all hybrid work has to offer, simplifying communications and saving money in the process.

Vox offers the most competitive Voice rates and Uncapped packages tailored to your specific needs, as well as highly competitive Business Fibre bundles, and a choice of Cloud PBX solutions, enabling you to enjoy all the benefits of an on-site PBX with none of the drawbacks. The benefits include maximising your investment in your Fibre connection for both your data and communication needs, without having to buy or maintain expensive servers and hardware, not to mention the additional costs needed to house this equipment and keep it cool.

Vox’s Cloud PBX solutions, like 3CX Cloud and TeamsVOICE, take Unified Communications to the next level – allowing you to call, chat, video call and host conference calls – remotely, in the office or a combination of the two for all participants, with ease.

By selecting your Connectivity, Cloud PBX and Voice services from one provider, you’ll have one point of contact, one lower bill, quicker turnaround times and, ultimately, better service.  Because you can optimise the performance and cost profile of all three of these essential services by partnering with us, why would you consider talking to anyone else?