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It’s just as fast as Fibre, and more widely available. Your business could be sleeping on an incredible connectivity solution…

Thanks to specialised equipment, wireless or microwave Internet delivers carrier-grade connectivity via encrypted high frequency radio waves over the ‘last mile’. Allowing you to enjoy Fibre-like speeds without the need for a Fibre line. It’s a pretty great alternative to what we consider the best broadband available. Especially as Wireless can have you up and running in almost half the time. We’re talking anywhere from two to eight weeks. Done.

It all starts with a Fibre connection at a PoP (Point of Presence). Specialised devices then beam out this encrypted Internet signal via a high-capacity radio link to its intended destination (your business) where it’s decrypted and instantly made available for use.

No cables, no trenching, no fuss.

There’s just one catch – for this solution to work properly, a clear line of sight is needed between both points to ensure connectivity. It’ll be up to the professionals installing the service to make that call before installation can happen, so there’s really nothing to lose.

It’s Faster and More Reliable Than Fibre

Here’s the thing about Wireless, or Vox Wireless. It never goes down. Well, almost never. With a 99.5% guaranteed uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement), you’re pretty much assured high-speed, reliable Internet all the time. It’s the dream. And now it’s real.

As brilliant as Fibre is – let’s face it, we wouldn’t have great Wireless without it – it relies on cables underground. Cables made from thousands of delicate strands of glass, vulnerable to damage by roadworks, neglect, or good old fashioned theft. Sure, Fibre cables aren’t highly sought after, but copper cables are… And all those cables basically look the same from the outside until someone mercilessly chops through one.

So, if your Fibre were to go down, this is definitely the best choice for a backup plan for giving you all the same functionality in an instant – but more on that later.

Let’s talk speed. How can Wireless be faster than Fibre? It comes down to latency. Wireless has a little bit lower latency than Fibre. Sending data over radio waves is slightly faster than sending it through cables. Often because it’s able to travel directly through air and over shorter distances. If time is money – and, when it comes to business, it is – then this lower latency could make all the difference.

It’s Not All Created Equal

Let’s just say, there’s wireless, and then there’s Vox Wireless. Our offering features duplex, allowing you to transmit and receive data simultaneously, effectively doubling your speed. Now that’s efficient. All of our Wireless data is symmetrical – which means you can send data as quickly as you receive it. Which is another massive time saver.

Our scoping and deployment are also key to ensuring you receive the absolute best experience from your solution. Depending on your needs and budget, we also offer the choice between Licensed Spectrum and ISM services, either via broadband (shared) or dedicated formats. We give you the choice of sharing your radio band or keeping it all to yourself.

But You Can Have It All

And you should. Vox Wireless offers more than just reliable, high-speed connectivity. Because this is the perfect medium for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), our solutions are bundled with a free 2Mbps VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) for optimal routing of your Vox Voice connections. It all comes down to that low latency. Which, when you’re using the Internet to make and receive important calls, is a game changer.

Depending on the package you choose, you could also enjoy free uncapped Vox Voice along with your high-speed connectivity too.

Like Fibre, Wireless is easily scalable and able to grow as your business needs do, with an upgrade no more than a phone call away. For all the reasons listed above, Wireless is also the perfect complement to an SD-WAN network, and, when combined with Fibre, offers the best redundancy solution for critical application delivery. Which is to say, with Wireless and SD-WAN, you can still work from anywhere without having to sacrifice on must-haves, like Internet speed, crystal clear Voice calls and availability.

It doesn’t get much better than that.