Whether it was that first Mortal Combat Fatality, knocking Donkey Kong off his perch or FINALLY avoiding that rock in Crash Bandicoot, every gamer has come to appreciate a challenge.

As time went on, most of us have also realised that testing your skills against fellow online gamers superseded thrashing a computer. As such, we at Vox have made the spirit of Online Gaming a key part of our culture. So much so, in fact, that we’ve introduced a whole Game Week (hey, if Sharks can do it, so can we) designed to test your mettle, bring the spirit of competition to our Social Media and, most importantly, give us a reason to dish out some awesome prizes.

What prizes, you ask? Well, nobody can accuse us of skimping, as with us:

• Competition winners will receive their first Twelve (12) months Fibre subscription FREE.
• An Xbox X Console and ONE (1) Single Controller.
• The Vox Gaming Specific, Link Optimisation Package.

Eligibility is for anyone who signs up for Vox Fibre between the 23rd and 29th August 2021. Get your Fibre line, fill in the provided entry form and enter into a lucky draw to win.

Already a Fibre customer? Fear not, our Facebook page will get your game on.

But what if you don’t win? Is it a wasted effort? Absolutely not.

Whether signing up for our Fibre, Gaming or Gaming and Fibre Bundles, you’ll still be leaving a winner with a smile on your face. Our connectivity options are designed to give you a smoother, lag free experience which doesn’t impact the speed or security of your other devices. If you feel like gaming while someone binges Netflix, no problem – our QoS allocates your bandwidth to preserve Home Peace.
From then, it’s just a matter of crossing fingers and hoping your bowl of Lucky Charms paid off.

Now, get on the Vox Shop and get your Game on!