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Fibre to the Home

Live life in the fast lane with Vox! Sign up for Fibre to the Home (FTTH) from now until 1 February 2022, and you’ll automatically be entered into the draw to win one of five double tickets to the Kyalami 9 Hour on Saturday, 5 February 2022!

Fast, super-affordable broadband is now a reality for those who live within the Frogfoot air coverage areas. Frogfoot’s Wi-Fi-only Fibre solution offers the choice of two packages, starting from as little as R289pm*

  • Faster connectivity speeds that are secure and highly reliable at an affordable rate
  • Connects to multiple smart devices, supports video streaming, VoIP calling, and lightning-fast browsing
  • Choose from our range of uncapped and capped bundles
  • Build your FTTH package to suit your needs by adding uncapped voice, a line up to 1 Gbps , Office 365 and so much more
  • Check availability in your area NOW
  • Self-installation is also available.

We’ve got tons of packages to choose from, including free standard installation and activation to the value of R3000!*

Look out for Frogfoot packages starting from R599pm for 30/3Mbps line or Openserve packages starting from R599pm for a 25/25Mbps line.*


*Please note: These are dependent on area coverage.

*T&Cs apply.


  • Stay connected

    Connect with friends and family all over the world without the scary telephone bills: Experience crystal clear VoIP calls and lag-free video calling on your fibre connection.

  • Be entertained

    Forget about buffering: stream rich HD content like films, series and music, including smooth video-on-demand playback and online gaming. Plus, speedy downloading!

  • Work from home

    Surfers paradise: with fibre-fast connectivity you can quickly send and receive large files, access video conferencing, and make the most of cloud-based services.

  • Go smart

    Convert your house into a smart home, linking IP security cameras, smart sensors, lighting and other Internet of Things devices all to your fibre connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

ADSL runs over existing copper wire infrastructure which is often unreliable, heavily contended and offers average speeds of around 4Mbps. Fibre, on the other hand, transmits information as light impulses along flexible glass fibres at incredible speed, allowing users to achieve speeds of up to 1000mbps. Fibre connections are around 250 times faster than ADSL ones.

Vox will order a line from the Fibre supplier (Openserve, Frogfoot, Vumatel, Fibrehoods, WAN, Octotel, Mitsol or DFA depending on your suburb) who then lays fibre outside the property boundary wall. The fibre line supplier then needs to run fibre from your boundary wall to inside your home and connect it to a Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) device. The make /model of the CPE device is supplier dependent. Vox will then install a WAN enabled wireless router (which is provided for free on all of our bundle offerings) to get you connected to super-fast internet

No. Fibre runs completely independently of your traditional voice (analogue/copper) line

The router needs to be compatible with fibre. Vox will provide you with the appropriate router/modem with your package of choice.

Yes you can, using the Vox Supafone or with the Vobi App. This can save up to 30% on your call costs, alternativly you can bolt on our uncapped calling plan (some of our awesome bundles include the above products)

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