The world as we know it has permanently shifted, in doing so wholly embracing the digital revolution. Gone are the days of conventional workspaces, operations, and ‘clock-in, clock-out’ environments with rigid systems and methodologies. In its place is a more fluid, digitised and Hybrid Multi-Cloud world – one containing organisations which accept and embrace this new way of living.

It’s largely been a case of adapt-or-die in this newfound era of technological advancement but, for the most part, organisations have learned to embrace this need for flexibility. In doing so, they’ve similarly come to understand that brands in 2022 require the ability to innovate anywhere, anytime and adapt to ever-evolving business needs in a perpetually changing environment.

That being said, it’s also a challenging time – and no challenge is greater than managing and securing said environments within stable, Cloud-Native applications.

Say hello to Azure Arc: which simplifies this process to make your entire production more feasible.

To put it simply, Azure Arc is effectively an array of Microsoft Cloud Technologies designed to extend your existing Azure Management and Services. It allows you apply Azure Services to any organisational infrastructure – enabling your business to modernize Datacenters and extend to the Edge with IoT. It effectively takes an already thriving, existing system and multiplies its effectiveness by infinity – in doing so unlocking more scenarios and benefits for customers across the board.

In a nutshell, Azure Arc extends Microsoft Cloud Services and best practices across your entire organisation. Furthermore, this allows you as a customer to run Azure services within any Kubernetes environment (from on-premises to Multi-Cloud and at the Edge). So advanced and effective is this technology, that it’s been successfully implemented by global monoliths such as Ford, KPMG, Ferguson, and SKF – to name but a few.

Picture1 | Vox | Have you Heard of Microsoft Azure Arc?

In its present form, the current wealth of Azure Arc services has added a few strings to its bow, namely:

  • Azure Machine Learning: an enterprise-grade services which enables Data Scientists to build, deploy and manage machine learning models.
  • This effectively allows a user to harness the full potential of Azure capabilities, extending it to Machine Learning Capabilities within Hybrid and Multi-Cloud environments. Yes, it does sound a bit ‘end-of-world’ at first, but what it actually does is revolutionise the way Data is utilised.
  • Clients can train their systems to operate directly where Data is stored whilst still utilising your existing infrastructure. This creates more mobile, informed Data processing, reduces unnecessary movement, and still fully complies with security requirements across the board.

All it takes is one click for a Data Scientist to use the tools at their disposal effectively. From there, the possibilities are endless, as you’re able to build machine learning models which are consistent, dependable, and able to operate anywhere.

But wait, there’s more to Azure Arc…

  1. Build Cloud Native Environments for your organisation as you choose, and at any scale.
  2. Centrally code and deploy your Cloud-Native Applications Securely while applying this management to any existing infrastructure.
  3. Collaboration with Nutanix allows for a consistent, reliable, Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Solution which serves only to enhance to Azure experience.

Through Azure, Microsoft is able to meet your business halfway and offer you unprecedented innovative possibilities. Effectively utilization of said platform is your gateway to bringing new solutions to life.

In today’s diverse, ever expanding working world, organisations need to strive for modern solutions which meet current brand challenges – and this range of applications is key to this. Enjoy a more dynamic organisational future without outdating your existing infrastructure – it’s all in a day’s work with Azure Arc.