Vox has launched Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business to provide endpoint protection for all virtual, physical and mobile devices within its SME and Corporate customers.

“Technology advances, and evolution of the Internet leaves businesses more exposed to cyber-crime, with an estimated 325 000 unique threats every day, says Mayleen Bywater, Product Manager for Security Solutions at Vox.

Recent findings suggest that the purpose of these crimes are to hack into existing accounts as a means of stealing information or to set up new accounts with stolen information.  Endpoints are seen as the easiest way of gaining access to a network, largely because of the mobility (not being fixed within the office environment).  Few organisations are implementing intrusion protection, running on mobile devices.

“There is a critical educational role in the business, when it comes to accessing documents, from reliable sources, on the network, or via mobile access points.  Investing in endpoint security, provides an additional barrier to entry for otherwise easy targets,” says Bywater.

From just R370/month including 10 licenses, the Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business is a unique and sophisticated technology, designed and built by Kaspersky, the industry’s leading security experts. This service provides customers a single view into their local network and users devices and ensures safety from outside threats.

Concludes Bywater, “Many businesses are unsure of where to start, but partnering with an organisation that can help with developing and deploying a security strategy that offers maximum coverage is the first step.  An IT security strategy, developed from the inside out has never been a more critical business consideration.”