Office-grade equipment at home doesn’t have to break the bank while working remotely. 

As the world faces unprecedented situations thanks to COVID-19, a new era has emerged when it comes to working patterns in the business world.  

 The pandemic has increased need for flexibility that bridges the gap between home and traditional office workspaces as work from home (WFH) becomes more of a survival strategy than an option. 

 recent Harvard Business Review (HBR) study of a 700-person corporate headquarters revealed that 82% of employees would like to retain a work-from-home option when things return to normal.  

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 Company leaders also recognise the potential benefits, and many agree that some degree of remote working will likely remain as a long-term part of their workplace strategies,” according to HBR.  

 Challenges for the remote worker 

Working and studying at home means printing at home too and according to Deloitte, when we ‘turn the page’ on the pandemic, the ‘flipside’ will be a world where home printers matter more than they used to.  

 However, the home printer market solutions available from retail today present challenges for the remote worker, including:  

  • Low cost to buy, but high costs for toner when worked out as a cost per page that make operational costs exorbitant 
  • One-year warranty with limited support which means problems translate into days of downtime 
  • Support requires physically taking the hardware to a repair centre and waiting in queues 
  • Limited functionality that doesn’t allow for scanning and copying  

 “While a lower upfront cost makes entry level devices an attractive option for printing a few pages now and then, it is clear that they are not sustainable for an efficient home office environment,” says Craig Freer, Executive Head of Cloud and Managed Services at Vox. 

 An intelligent solution 

Deloitte Global predicts that home printers are unlikely to be used as heavily post pandemic as they are when both parents and kids are stuck at home. However, it’s likely that people will spend more days per year working and learning from home.  

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 “And sometimes, they will want hard copies, with associated ongoing demand for ink, paper, service and replacement/upgraded printers. They might not print daily, but weekly or monthly seems probable,” according to Deloitte. 

The Vox Kyocera Print Solution now brings all the benefits of an office solution at consumer pricing levels. We have built an exciting solution that will disrupt the market, including: 

  • Flexible payment models of 12- and 24-months rental options 
  • Three-year warranty backed by a National Footprint of Kyocera warranty repair centers 
  • Automatic low toner alerts with option to replenish via the Vox website 
  • Remote support and fault resolution within hours not days 
  • Optional next business day on site support 

Kyocera multifunction printers are aimed at bringing reliable, corporate-level printing, copying, scanning and faxing capability at a price point that is affordable for the home user.  

 “Our new printer rental offering provides customers with a choice of three Kyocera models that meet their home-based printing, copying and scanning needs,” says Freer.These black and white or colour multifunctional laser printers (MFPs) are available as a once off purchase, or a rental model.”