Maintaining efficiency and upgrading to the latest tech in an instant is easy when you rent your laptops.

It’s almost impossible to name another piece of tech more integral to the day-to-day functioning of almost every business than the laptop.

Where once office workers were trapped behind bulky desktop devices from nine to five, now they’re free to work whenever and wherever their laptop connects to Wi-Fi.

With this freedom comes loads of responsibility – and most of it falls on a stressed IT department tasked with not only making sure the company’s laptops remain virus-free, but they also return to the IT department in one piece.

A small to medium size business can spend up to R500 000 to re-fresh its existing tech, while most usually don’t have the means to buy laptops outright, meaning staff are left to make do with outdated laptops unable to handle the stresses of hybrid work – which includes video conferencing and constant security updates.

No matter how well these devices are looked after, ultimately there will come a day (for businesses, it’s usually within three to four years) when they’ll no longer be able to accept any software updates. And that brings us to the first point:

We never really own our smart devices

While most of us prefer to own rather than rent our devices – it’s a once-off (albeit usually hefty) payment for an item we believe is ours to use as we please forever.

When it comes to tech, especially tech that needs constant software updates to work effectively or even at all, we’re all at the mercy of the companies supplying the software – usually via annual subscription – and the companies who issue these devices in the first place to keep supplying those services.

Unfortunately, as we become more interconnected via everything from smart TVs, to smartphones, tablets, and laptops, investing in these depreciating assets starts to make less and less sense. Especially when these assets stop accepting updates, start to glitch and eventually burn out while companies shell out added resources for hardware upgrades or replacements. Usually at the most inconvenient times during the financial year.

Take the recent release of Windows 11, for example. The minimum system requirements are already far beyond what most older generation laptops are capable of handling – especially when it comes to Microsoft Teams integration.

The future is flexible, especially with laptop rental

Choosing to rent laptops instead of owning them with Vox Laptop Rentals gives companies the option of upgrading or downgrading – not only the quality of their devices, but the number of devices too – when needed.

Starting now, in addition to our 36-month contract, we’re offering the opportunity to rent this hybrid work essential month-to-month with no contract lock-ins.

With a Vox Managed Service, your laptop rental not only guarantees access to the latest devices from the most trusted brands, but next business day onsite support for maintenance services or hardware replacements from our tech experts when needed too. We have a national footprint, and our support team is available 24/7 to assist.

All of our new devices are 11th Gen Intel Core Processors and compatible with the requirements for the Windows 11 update, meaning there’s really no delay when it comes to working as efficiently and securely as possible.

When you’re ready for a tech re-fresh or a new contract negotiation, all you have to do is give us a call to keep your budget in check and your work essentials optimised.