Like sands through the hourglass (just kidding – this isn’t one of THOSE episodes), the passing of time means annual events roll around before you can say ‘long weekend’. It’s been a long 2022, admittedly not as bad as the two years presiding it, but one full of moments, events and memories guaranteed to last a lifetime.

As we enter October, however, the general air of excitement begins to creep in. After all, what’s not to love? Holidays, end of year energy, a whole World Cup, and all things festive on the horizon – but it just feels like we need something more. Is something missing? Did we forget an event? Have we missed a trick? If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re probably right – because it’s Cyber Security Month, and we guarantee most of you have forgotten to get excited.

Honestly, we understand why. After all, Cyber Security Month at first glance seems as exciting as a live broadcast of “Joe Biden’s Favourite Hits”. After all, it’s hardly a topic which elicits feelings of awe, wonder and intrigue – Area 51, this is not. However, the purpose of this month goes a long way to rectifying this – and it’s our hope that together we can reveal the true nature of the complex, complicated and downright scary concept that is hacking, being hacked, and protecting your digital self.

Cyber Security isn’t just a made-up term used by rappers in Fast and Furious Movies to look tech savvy. It’s a real threat affecting real people and very, very real businesses – often considered a death knell, with damages totaling billions of USD annually, millions of lives lost, and countless innocent families alike. It’s destroyed human lives, organisations around for generations, threatened to topple entire governments and, with us being in the midst of a complete digital revolution, is guaranteed to both skyrocket and represent the next generation of criminals (plus their victims).

In short, it’s not a concept to be ignored or underestimated – which is why we’re devoting an entire month towards raising awareness.

It goes beyond that, though, as we dual focus our attention on not just your Personal Protection, but what we as an entity can do for you. Have you heard of our Free Assessments? We certainly hope so – we’ve said quite a bit about it in weeks gone by. Essentially, these are our tools and your gateway towards unlocking your brands entire digital potential. A series of completely free (although there are paid options as well) designed to enhance your online security, identify weaknesses, establish a platform for future growth and, mostly, strategise the future well-being of your establishments.

Why are we mentioning this in the same breath as Cyber Month?

Well, these Assessments are equally important this month, as their key component lies in allowing customers to enhance their brands digital security. It’s not just any half-baked Assessment either – these rely on key fundamental pillars from some of our strongest brands to offer you comprehensive evaluations and relevant information for key areas of your organisation.

These range from Firewall Security to Network and User Risk, M365, Cloud Readiness, CSAT, Teams Assessments, Cost Management, General Health Checks and beyond – but we’ll get into that in full detail in the next few weeks. For now, all you need to worry about is that Cyber Security Month is here (well, almost here), it’s coming, and you can brace yourself to get Cyber Smart.

So, what can you expect?

  • Every week, we’ll be releasing one part of our blog series designed to inform, educate, and hopefully entertain you rather than serve as bedtime reading.
  • We’ll also be releasing a series of Social Media Posts – 40 posts, 40 days, giving you invaluable insight on how not to become a digital Karen.
  • A weekly newsletter, recapping the events just passed (because two is ALWAYS better than one).
  • A series of TikToks, posted on our Vox Channel, where we provide you with tips and insider information from our team of experts.
  • The ability for customers to sign up for our Hackathon, where we encourage businesses to challenge our team of Hackers to test their security (for free, of course), and win a prize.
  • And, of course, a (you guessed it) weekly Podcast or Ted Talk, where we’ll be discussing all things Cyber.

Look, we know it’s not Shark Week, after all there’s no Megaladon in sight (and the only thing Big and Scary on our horizons are these blogposts at first glance), but all we request is you give it a chance and allow us to pleasantly surprise you. We’ll do our best to be engaging, informative, and not too much on the boring side – and we hope that, together, we can both leave Cyber Safer.