What are we if not experiential creatures?

For many of us, the definitive moments in our lives were not shaped by material items. A first kiss, the birth of your child, the loss of a loved one – these are moments, memories and experiences which impacted us, immaterial of how much we earned, what car we drove or what we did for a living.

What are our lives if not a series of experiences which define who we are, for better or worse?

See, who you are is not measured by your clothes, your job, your wallet, or your phone, but rather what you did and how much you truly enjoyed life. Our time in this world is short and made more beautiful for this very reason – which is why it’s our experiences which truly measure the value of our existence. Money comes, time passes, but what really remains etched in the annals of our souls are the memories we picked up along the way.

Think back to 2010; that goosebump inducing, flag waving, fleeting moment in time which created memories many of us will treasure forever. There was something… magical in the air, a unanimous energy which encapsulated a nation – an impact so profound that its very memory is enough to induce wave after wave of nostalgia. Scarcely can a Vuvuzela be heard, or the words “Waka Waka” be said in jest that many of us aren’t immediately transported to a lifetime long passed – such is the profound impact of an experience on the human psyche.

The onset of the virus (which we shall not name further) has, sadly, robbed us of far more than our freedoms and loved ones. Instead, it deprived us of something far more valuable, something irreplaceable which we may never redeem – time. We’ve already established that our time is limited, which is why two years lost isn’t just two years lost. Instead, those two years of experiences, memories and moments tragically snatched away from us have effectively shortened our lives.

How many birthdays did we miss, celebrations did we not celebrate, events did we cancel and holidays did we bank? How many of us have come to forget the liberation of being surrounded by loved ones at Christmas, the excitement of venturing into a foreign land or simply being able to watch your favourite sports team? Sure, today life is normalizing, but we’ll never truly be able to recoup time fallen away.

This is why, today, as life begins to normalize, it’s twice as important that we find our feet and learn to truly experience life once again. We’ve lost two years, two whole years, and none of us can really afford to waste a single further second.

Which brings us to our latest experience – the 2022 Rugby Sevens World Cup.

Life may slowly be normalising, but there still seems to be a sense of trepidation to fully reembrace the old normal. We’re afraid, naturally, of taking things too fast and ushering another wave of fear, lockdowns, and disease. However, it’s our duty to start picking up the pieces of the experiences we’ve left behind – which is why the Vox team is offering you the chance to, finally, enjoy another once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Rugby Sevens WC in Cape Town.

Make no mistake, we’re not just offering you free tickets and a stadium tour, but rather a memorable, enjoyable, and never-to-be-forgotten VIP experience. Think Grandstand Tickets to the Saturday or Sunday game. Think a personal chauffeur to transport you as your heart desires. Think a twin room, with breakfast, at the Table Bay Hotel in Greenpoint, sundowners at the Grand Café and all the trimmings. Yup, we’re offering you the chance of a lifetime to make memories which will last you a lifetime – and hopefully put you on your way to leaving the boring nights watching Netflix of 2020 and 2021 in your rearview mirror.

We’ve lost time, of that there’s no doubt, but the saying does go “there’s no time like the present”. As far as we can tell, it’s now incumbent on each of us to live, laugh, love, and make memories in excess to compensate for years gone by. It’s been a hard time on everyone – businesses, families, the relatives of lost ones and people meant to experience milestones, but we now have the opportunity to pick up the pieces and resume normality once again.

When you look back, you won’t measure the worth of your life by how many breaths you took, but rather the moments that took your breath away. For us, that was the World Cup 2010, but for you it could be the Rugby Sevens Experience. To enter, all you have to do is sign up for any connectivity package or upgrade your current line and you’re good to go. Oh, and did we mention that the prizes involve tickets for two? Because what’s the point of amazing experiences if not with the ones we need to share them with?

So, get entering, get experiencing, and let’s get living again – heaven knows we need it.