Innovation and insight combine in Vox, a market leading end-to-end integrated ICT and infrastructure provider and telecommunications company.

It’s a statement we’ve read (and written) a thousand times, yet no words could encapsulate the spirit of our green brand quite like the above. We are Vox, one of South Africa’s industry leading ICT/Infrastructure providers, and we combine our desire to push the boundaries of technological innovation with the expertise and knowledge required to make it possible.

Our philosophy is simple: we pride ourselves on technical expertise, relentless innovation, and an unwavering commitment towards providing superior product and service quality. From concept to installation, we’re capable of handling all implemented technologies and systems – which is why we’re considered one of SA’s leading industry titans.

But first, let’s go back to our humble beginnings, the seeds of which were planted way back in 1988…

Our company was launched the same year that Satellite Handheld Phones were introduced, making us older than Wikipedia and USB Flash drives. It was at these very beginning stages that we cemented ourselves as frontrunners in our respective sector, becoming the first business to launch a Company Email Service utilitsing a Single Dial Up.

Fast forward 20 plus years, and you have one of the largest black-owned telecommunications companies in South Africa. Along the way, we’ve acquired a few key strategic partners which have proven invaluable assets in our ever-expanding brand portfolio. While many brands talk about innovation, we’ve lived it from day one. This is evident by the fact that we pioneered the introduction of Uncapped ADSL in South Africa (launching a full year before any other ISP). We also launched the first Voice Service over ADSL, have been at the forefront of Fibre Implementation across the country and, when disaster hit, championed the Work from Home revolution across South Africa. Today, we’ve made strides within the sectors of Renewable Energy, Cloud, Prepaid Fibre, IoT in South Africa, and many other guaranteed pinnacles of our local technological future.

Through our desire to facilitate efficient, reliable Internet in all forms throughout cities, suburbs and ‘dorpies’ across the country, we’ve made it our mission to make technology attainable, affordable and feasible. And, whilst we’re mostly known as leaders in the Fibre industry, the reality is that our brand offers more than just connectivity – we’re enhancing lives and enriching homes while growing businesses across the board.

A fundamental component of our organisational philosophy is our specialised team of product managers. Each respective industry expert is reliable for the management and growth of their portfolio through continuous research, development, and adherence to our high-quality standards. By deploying this extensive team throughout our various regional offices, we can ensure local, timeous implementation of solutions and a well-established, fully functioning network throughout South Africa.

Looking at the present, our Network, Portfolio and Product Stack have all grown to encompass a variety of home, business, and lifestyle solution – offering a complete spectrum of future-forward technological products and services.

Don’t believe us? Here are some of the ways our brand is pioneering the lives of South Africans across the board:

  • Our Carrier and Connectivity solutions feature a plethora of Internet based solutions for both home and business use. These include FTTH, FTTB, Satellite, LTE and DSL. We also offer numerous enhancements to take these experiences to the next level and accelerate business growth, such as PBX, Home Mesh, SD-WAN, and a 24/7/365 Service Centre.
  • Our Communications Solutions include a range of tools designed to make collaboration and connection easier, such as Voice, Web Hosting, Premium WordPress Hosting, Email (for both Home and Business use) and Hardware Rentals.

Whether you’re looking for enhanced connectivity or simply a means of making daily life easier, we’ve made it our mission to bring technological ease into the homes (and hearts) of our entire country, one user at a time.

Each product and service are part of a bigger strategic picture geared at transforming our brand into an all-encompassing, important part of our local infrastructure. Said products aspire to offer value, innovation, and cutting-edge advancements to 100% of the country, 100% of the time. However, said products are a result of our ability to analyse our unique local landscape and determine real problems before generating viable solutions. We’re in the business of making our customer lives better – from ordinary home users to a business in need.

Our brand has helped small start-ups reach new heights with equipment and software designed with progress in mind. Despite financial and economic restrictions, our Vox brand is immensely proud of the fact that we were never forced to retrench an employee. We persevered, we adapted, we adopted (and advocated for) the concept of Working from Home in its infancy and this, to us, indicates unparalleled brand strength and adaptability. We may have shut our physical doors, but our wheels keep spinning.

It’s this ability to think on our feet and share this knowledge with the world that, to us, is the best indicator of our brand dexterity. We’ve taken the idea of progress made simple and dialed it to 100, in doing so allowing students, employees, businesses and beyond to live easier, work smarter and do better.

Our brand ethos is rooted in an understanding of the unique, diverse nature of our wonderful country – and our mix of staff from all walks of life reflects exactly this. No other organisation in South Africa offers the amalgamation of specialist solutions in a one-stop, easy-to-find shop the way we do. To this day we continue to push out new solutions. Vox is at the forefront of expansion, product development, digital excellence and redefining our local working landscape.

We believe that our brand, our team, our products, and our services are bringing world-class digital solutions to the whole of South Africa – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.