Starlink…what’s the deal?

Today, we talk Starlink. It’s the buzzword of the Nation now that Eskom is behaving. To the average person, it sounds like something Darth Vader…

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Key considerations for fibre to the business (FTTB) deployment

Fast and reliable connectivity for businesses in South Africa has never been more important. With many organisations encouraging staff to return to the office, and…

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Vox and MFN distribute water buckets to ensure access to clean water in Kwathema and Shakaskraal

Market-leading Internet Service Provider, Vox, has partnered with fibre infrastructure company MetroFibre Networx (MFN) to not only provide affordable access to connectivity, but to also…

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Wading through complexity: Enterprise connectivity doesn’t need vellies or wellies

Security, connectivity, mobility, configuration – the enterprise network is an exercise in complexity unless management is refined and streamlined, says Craig Blignaut, Product Manager, Wi-Fi…

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Taking Control of your Digital Lifestyle – A Braintree Whitepaper

The uptake of cloud services has made it possible for employees to meaningfully contribute to work tasks, be these collaborative documents or spreadsheets or even…

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95% of businesses get hacked via their email – don’t be a statistic – A Vox Webinar

Email is a key part of our working lives and so are the rising phishing threats and data breaches. These hacks are designed to cripple...

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qwerti launched to help guide local businesses on their IT strategy

Vivica Group, formerly known as Vox Holdings, has launched a new subsidiary, qwerti, which will provide locally-based enterprises, SMEs and consumers with cost-effective, personalised advisory…

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Will augmented reality be a reality?

Over time, the impact of technology on humanity has been significant. Most recently, being forced into an alternate reality since the start of the Covid-19…

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WiFi Security – A Groot Ontbyt interview

We hear the term "AI" or "Artificial Intelligence" being thrown around and it almost seems like something futuristic. But the reality is that AI is...

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Is LTE still relevant? A Groot Onbyt interview

Just over 2 years ago, when the South African workforce was hastily adopting a new way of working from home – suddenly there was a...

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