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Compact, affordable and easy-to-use, our Home Office UPS will keep those load shedding blues at bay.

If there’s one thing we all need, it’s access to an affordable and reliable backup power supply. Last year we launched our 40W Fibre UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to keep your Wi-Fi network connected when load shedding strikes. This UPS allows you to continue streaming, browse social media or search online with up to four hours of uptime.

We’re proud to announce the perfect companion to that UPS is now also available to rent via the Vox Shop.

Compact, yet mighty, the 500W portable Vox Home Office UPS keeps your most important devices powered up all at once when the power goes down. We’re talking laptop, monitor, printer and smartphone. Allowing you to continue working from home, uninterrupted, for up to four hours, no matter what.

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The Vox Home Office UPS features lithium ion batteries for longer uptime. While its pure sine wave inverter ensures only clean power reaches your devices, helping to prevent any damage that can happen when a power surge occurs.

If you’re not working, the 500W UPS is also powerful enough to keep your TV and DStv decoder running anywhere from two to four hours. Meaning the only tantrums you’ll hear during load shedding will be deciding what to watch.

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And, just like our Fibre UPS, the Home Office UPS is extremely user-friendly. It offers plug-and-play installation, with 24/7 support just a phone call or email away – should you need it.