Now this is a story all about how the modern workspace got flip-turned upside down, and we’d like to take a minute just sitting right there to tell you how 3CX and Microsoft Teams can work as a pair.

Truth be told, we’ve covered PBX in immense detail here. By now, we’re all well versed in what it is, how it works, and how your boss can use it to make sure you aren’t slacking on the clock. We all assumed that come the end of 2021 we’d be returning to some form of normality, with home and hybrid workspaces slowly being phased-out. What we didn’t factor in was that the day South Africa decided to be efficient at something, it picked “finding new strains”, which means flexi-work environments are seemingly here to stay for the foreseeable future.

(Seriously, couldn’t those scientists be communicating via Zoom or Yeastar instead? That way, their discoveries could either be intercepted or leaked to Kim Jong Un).

It seems like everything today is going hybrid. From cars which hog the fast lane (with smug owners to match), to workspaces and those Ligers being held captive by Joe Exotic, single-purpose items are yesterday’s news. Likewise, why limit your business to a single form of communication when today’s solutions have become so vast, so efficient and so all-encompassing that even the licensing department has multiple channels? (Not that theirs ever work, but anyway…).

Admittedly, we  agree that at surface value, a PBX is as interesting as a deposition by Helen Zille (and less entertaining than one of those DA ads promising to get things done). Like a Nokia 3310 (which could withstand an earthquake and we’re pretty sure was made from pure iron), the first telephone systems were created solely for their call functionality. However, as human behaviour evolved, so too did PBX systems as a whole (we’re not Nokia after all) – systems adapted, grew and became more integrated with the unique needs and requirements of the people who used them. Similarly, the decision to utilise a PBX as a whole has evolved from the concept of a grudge purchase to one of necessity.

Today, the end product boasts a wealth of features which are rich in functionality and benefits, meaning they’re an integral part of many successful businesses. That being said, we’ve come to learn that with a modern, mobile and adaptable workforce, sometimes versatile solutions which combine two or more functional elements are not just pivotal, but essential.

This goes a long way towards explaining why more and more business are opting for Hybrid software models, particularly with regards to the amalgamation of their Microsoft Teams and 3CX PBX systems. We won’t lie, Teams is AWESOME. So awesome, we’d 100% vote if they ran for mayor last November. However, the licensing and upkeep can prove costly, which is why an increased number of businesses are choosing to split their workers between a Teams system and a PBX system (usually in an 80:20 / 70:30 ratio) so as to maximise their resources, enabling the correct functionality while also saving costs.

By opting for a balance between the two, you equip your users with the right applications and tools to thrive.

Better yet, Teams and 3CX can communicate with one another (rather than function as separate entities the way Zoom emulates the EFF and works in isolation). Essentially, Microsoft Teams can now connect to your office PBX systems. In simple English, anybody can make, receive or place internal and external calls with anyone, anytime, anywhere. End result? Connecting is easier for your clients and co-workers, whether on the road, in an office, at home or on the can (hey, it happens).

The benefits?

Well, aside from sounding sophisticated when you explain to your board why you’re running multi-system software, you can expect the following:

  • Streamlined communications
  • Simplified collaboration
  • Increased cost-efficiency
  • Adaptability for remote team members, office employees and WFH stalwarts alike.
  • Flexibility to choose the features and functionality your business requires.

The days where your business need be limited to a finite, one-or-another set of tools belong to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (because only a Sith deals in absolutes, after all). Like pineapple on pizza (yeah, we’re those people), South Africa and darkness or Government and unwanted lockdowns, some things go so well together, it’s like they were made for each other. Your PBX and Teams can be no exception – provided it’s done correctly.

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