When people think of Vox, they probably think of us as being a market-leading Internet Service Provider (ISP). But did you know that we offer many more additional solutions to connect South Africans to the world?

One of these is our range of email products, to help keep you continuously in contact and running your life and your work affairs easily, efficiently and cost-effectively.

We’ve created solutions that will meet your requirements to keep you communicating safely and continuously.

Move Over, Snail-Mail…

In addition to email’s speed advantages (when compared to the original postal offering), it also provides a written record of communication that has taken place. It’s a powerful tool for business as well as personal use, helping with clarity, accountability and references, for future communication and decision-making.

The invention of electronic mail is generally credited to an ARPANET engineer named Ray Tomlinson, who, in 1971, successfully sent a short message to himself from one computer to another in the same room. After that, though, email took a while to kick off, and was initially used almost exclusively in academic and research circles.

When people still used the post office as their only option, written communications were limited by time and distance. Today, our default expectation is that email messages can be sent and received instantly from anywhere in the world, which changes both the speed as well as the reach of text-based interactions, across borders as well as time zones.

The arrival of email – which originally stood for ‘electronic mail’ to distinguish it from the paper kind – provided a faster, more efficient and more convenient way to communicate with others in a written format. Email first began transforming communication on a global scale in the 1990s, when it became increasingly accessible to the public. At its height, Hotmail, the world’s first free internet-based email service, had over 400 million users.

(Fun fact: Hotmail was bought in 1997 by Microsoft and became the basis for what we today know as Outlook.)

Email Changes Communications

Unsurprisingly, email has forever changed the way we send and receive written communications. Most people have all their bills and statements – which used to be sent via traditional mail – now delivered in a paperless manner through email. Letters have become less common, as it’s more convenient to send an email message – on your smartphone as well as a computer.

In a business context, email serves as an effective way to communicate with colleagues or customers – a communication can still be sent without requiring all parties to be ‘present’ at the same time to receive it, phasing out the need for an in-person or phone-based meeting in real-time.

Vox Enhances Local Email Offerings

Vox Webmail is a Cloud-based email offering that provides solutions for both business and family purposes, including the option of owning your own domain. We aim to ensure that your data is kept safely and not shared with any other entities – and it’s incredibly cost-effective also, with different options to suit your pocket.

As a specialist email solution, Vox Webmail also brings you upgradeable storage and features such as Calendar, Contacts and Tasks.

Vox Webmail is based in South Africa and offers all the features you need from email, at a fraction of the price. The key functionality includes:

  • A choice between using your own domain name or our shared domain: A domain is a tool used to establish a unique Online presence, and a domain name that relates to your business or organisation can help to improve your ranking on top search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo.
  • Anti-spam and anti-virus to enhance your email security and keep unwanted marketers away: At Vox, we endeavour to ensure that your data is kept safely and not shared with any other entities, to keep your information, home and loved ones safe.
  • Mail options, including Calendar and Tasks, with access via web browser and/or Outlook.
  • Mailing list functionality: Bringing you the option to create and manage mailing lists.
  • Flexibility: Create up to three different alias email addresses.
  • Admin that works: An easy-to-use admin interface to create and manage your email.


We also offer three flexible mailbox sizes to choose from, built to accommodate your budget and business needs.

The Domain Game

Do you have an entrepreneur inside you? If so, another positive from Vox Webmail is being able to start an online business by establishing your own domain and website to promote your company. A website portrays your business, whether it’s a startup or a well-established company – it’s the first place that anyone will go to when looking for general information, products and services.

A website helps to establish your business identity or brand image. It builds credibility, and can also be used for lead generation.

With a domain from Vox, you can give your organisation a professional look and feel. Find out more here.

Why Vox Webmail?

There’s no denying that there are a number of email offerings out there. Vox is pleased to bring you personalised email solutions, with advantages that include convenience, choice, flexibility, security and excellent cost offerings.

It’s all part of what Vox does best: ‘Staying Connected – Together’.