For those who work from home, remotely, or even in the office, their work laptop probably ranks between “first-born child” and “favourite dog” on the importance scale. Anyone who’s ever spun around in a frenzy and turned every surface upside down before dashing to their car can testify that when it comes to your laptop, you can’t take chances – just ask that sinking feeling in your stomach when you think you’ve lost it.

Fact is, that the laptop has become as fundamental to the modern employee as a pen and notebook. It’s effectively replaced and digitised all components of today’s workspace – from taking notes to communicating, running systems and software and, of course, slacking off. Whereas previously, employees would diligently work at their desks or on their feet, we’ve come to embrace the mobile PC like a long-lost lover and, for better or worse, they’ve essentially redefined the way we work, communicate and collaborate.

Despite costing an arm and leg, the reality is that any half decent machine is worth its weight in gold. The financial cost of replacing one may be tangible, but the damage, headache and admin (plus having to fork out another lump sum) is immeasurable. It’s little wonder then that an increased amount of people are choosing to rent rather than purchase – and we’re about to explore why.

  1. It’s more affordable. Duh.

Obvious statements are obvious, but you can’t pick up anything above an entry level machine without forking out a small fortune. Even if you do go for something more cost-effective, you can expect to have to replace it within 3 – 5 years, and ultimately end up paying double within a short space of time. And let’s just say you do go all-in with your machine, once the technology upgrades and newer features arrive, your pride and joy will ultimately end up obsolete a lot sooner than you’d hope.

Much like with renting a house (NOT like with a car, where the only options available are Tata Indicas and i10s), leasing a PC allows you to circumvent the costly overheads and proceed straight to enjoying everything you need for a more affordable monthly fee.

  1. You can upgrade without trashing your old one.

Instead of hoping that Cash Crusaders give you more than R150 to go towards a new one, rental models allow for option to upgrade at the end of your contract. It makes perfect sense, as since your previous machine has served its purpose, why continue with obsolete technology and have your money go to waste (a philosophy we don’t encourage when it comes to spouses)?

This is especially useful if you’re somebody who likes to keep up with the latest tech – you can easily jump to the next big thing without any hassles and staying in the loop won’t cost you an arm, leg and old PC.

  1. It just simplifies life.

Think about how much admin goes into buying something with such a short shelf life – we’d be better served investing in Bitcoin and hoping for the best. There’s driving to multiple shops (sometimes with long lines and technicians who can’t even spell PC), putting in hours online, ordering, waiting, saving, spending and then hoping that nothing happens to it. Drop it on the way out? Hard luck, bro. Hit a pothole and your laptop bag goes flying? Sucks to be you.

With laptop rentals you don’t have to stress about paying for repairs, upgrades or any of the nitty gritty involved in finding your perfect machine. As far as you’re concerned, it’s just identify what’s right for you, get the process rolling, use it as you need and, when you’re done, on to the next one – a process we also don’t encourage when it comes to spouses.

…So, does renting a laptop make any sense? In short – YES, a million times over. And we’re not just saying this because you can do it with Vox.