911 – what’s your emergency?

If you’re lucky, you’ll never have to hear those faithful words. However, based on the fact that in the USA alone, more than 2.7 million calls (or one every 11 seconds) to 911 were made, you can never rule out needing help in an emergency.

The numbers aren’t better closer to home, as any South African (or ex South African posting angry statuses from New Zealand) can attest to. Looking at just Gauteng, the average cases by year are shocking:

  • Shoplifting/Commercial Crime: 593 205
  • Theft/Burglary: 126 844
  • Murder/Assault/Robbery: 177 737
  • Housebreaking: 260 000

We have some of the highest crime rates in the world and, as such, face our own share of risks on the daily. Sadly, many of us have come to accept that calling a hotline may not be the fastest or most effective means of getting help. People in danger often need an immediate response – and taking the time to explain the problem to an operator may cost you precious seconds.

Most of us have been in a situation where that split second could have made all the difference – both during said emergency and afterwards. And, in those precious moments (particularly in an accident), the knowledge that a loved one is on their way makes a world of difference.

Enter Vox 911, an app designed to make the ‘worst-case scenarios’ a tiny bit easier.

The app essentially turns your smartphone into a portable, easy to access mobile panic button AND tracking system, meaning not only can you sound the alarm, but the relevant individuals can easily locate you no matter where you are. You can raise the panic system within seconds (it literally takes the touch of a button) and, whether an accident or the sound of an intruder in the house, the relevant authority will be instantly notified.

It’s not a case of your loved ones only finding out later either. You’re able to load multiple family members under a single account, who can then receive SMS notifications the moment an alert is sent out. The 911 member just has to press the speed-dial button to be connected to our Vox911 Call Centre, which then uses caller ID to identify who you are and let your listed recipients know.

Medical, roadside assistance, armed response (yes, we have a team, and they’re pretty capable), it doesn’t matter – they’ll be dispatched and en-route as soon as you need them.

From help at the click of a button to location tracking, voice recording and 24/7 availability, you can rest assured that we’ve got your back should you ever need it. And, let’s face it, any parent with kids can rest easier knowing that should disaster strike, they won’t be left sitting in the dark.

You’re probably wondering which of your cars you’ll need to mortgage to afford this service? Please, this is Vox we’re talking about, and your safety shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Users can choose between month-to-month and 24-month users from as little as R118.75pm (including VAT) – a small price to pay for what’s essentially your own personal response team.

Truth be told, nothing will ever prevent the inevitable, but you can be prepared when that worst-case scenario does arise.