So there you are.

You have an important communication to send, but writer’s block has arrived – and an emoji or two won’t save the day.

Why not make it a voice call instead of an email?


The Power of Voice

Research has shown that, while people today often gravitate towards a text-based communication because they find it less awkward than talking in person, those who are able to communicate verbally – including phone, video chat and voice chat – can achieve better results.

Why not think about not just what you say, but how you say it – and nobody does Voice better than Vox!

Voice solutions for your home include our:

  • Famous Vobi app, allowing you to call, video and text for less; and
  • Supafone, allowing you to ‘walk free and talk cheap’.


Vobi Beefs Up the Benefits

Why Vobi, you might be asking, when there are other instant messenger applications out there for free?

Remember that these apps only let you reach out to people who are already in your contact list, have also signed up for the same service, and have the application installed on their mobile device.

In contrast, Vox’s mobile app-based softphone service, Vobi, uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to make calls to any number, at reduced rates across South African networks.

Vobi brings you the following benefits:

  • Download the mobile app for free: From the Google Play Store and the Apple iOS Store.
  • Easy set-up process: Buy online and have your account set up in minutes.
  • ‘Local is lekker’: Enjoy low call rates across all networks in South Africa.
  • Cost management: If you choose the per-minute calling option, you’re charged a low flat rate on a month-to-month basis, so you aren’t locked into a contract. Alternatively, the uncapped calling plan with its fixed monthly billing brings you the peace of mind that you can talk as much as you want to, with no nasty surprises at the end of the month.
  • Call home while you’re overseas: Use Vobi to call family and friends or the office (in South Africa), from wherever you are travelling in the world, and pay local SA rates with no need to worry about racking up high-cost roaming charges.


When it comes to choosing your monthly costs package, Vobi has two offerings:

  • Unlimited Calling for R171: Call any local number in SA at no charge (landline and all mobile carriers).
  • Per Minute calling at R29 per month: this translates into a low flat rate of just R0,46c per minute to call all numbers in South Africa across any platform. Only pay for the calls you make.


Click here for more details, and see below how to set up a Vobi account, quickly and easily.

EmbedImage 1 | Vox | Spend Less, Talk More: How Vox Voice Can Do More for Less

Please remember that you will need to follow RICA procedures (the Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication Related Information Act), which will involve submitting certain documents, like your ID and proof of current address.


Super Phone Calls with Supafone

This goodlooking device maximises your Home Fibre investment by carrying calls over your Vox fibre. Don’t be tied down to an expensive landline handset, but instead choose to walk free, and talk cheap with the Supafone – a cordless phone with ‘super powers’.

Supafone calls are routed over Vox’s high-quality Voice network and the device boasts a wide range of up to 50m indoors and 300m outdoors. Range extenders are available, to increase coverage.

Supafone offers the following benefits:

  • Maximum call functionality: Supafone transfers between handsets and offer simultaneous IP (internet) calls.
  • No infrastructure fuss: Supafone plugs directly into your existing router so you’re ready to go in seconds.
  • Free extras: Enjoy caller line identification, itemised call billing, reduced calling rates (dependent on the voice package) and voicemail.
  • Cost-effective and efficient: The Supafone is available on a month-to-month contract, is capable of HD sound quality and can connect up to six handsets.



In addition to these benefits, you can also retain your existing number if you port to Vox’s network, and you can add up to five additional handsets (allowing for small business use and / or a larger family home).


We Dare You…

So there you have it.

The next time you’re considering an email versus a voice call, why not brave a real conversation instead?

Save the emojis for another day and talk more, for less, with Vox – where you can put the smile into your voice and not through an emoji.