It’s possible to work smarter, not harder, at home thanks to Vox Wi-Fi Home Executive.

There was a time when the only requirement we had for a Wi-Fi router was its affordability. If it arrived already bundled with our Internet Service Provider (ISP) connectivity solution, no questions were asked. That’s because, back then, the only things we had to worry about Internet access for were two laptops and a personal computer.

As our home Wi-Fi networks become more complex, so too does our need to manage them properly to ensure the signal remains as strong and reliable as we’ve come to expect – especially as more of us migrate to work from home.

There are some devices or structures in almost every home that might potentially cause interference with your Wi-Fi signal, degrading the performance of your network – including your neighbour’s devices.

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You may wish to prioritise certain devices or applications on your Wi-Fi network to maximise your optimum user experience. This is especially relevant in a work environment where, for example, you would want to ensure that a video conference with your boss takes preference over your children watching TV in the other room.

Here’s the good news: the Vox Wi-Fi Home Executive offering will allow you enjoy the benefits of your home Wi-Fi without the stress of having to manage your network or having to track down problems and resolve them when something goes wrong.

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Vox Wi-Fi Home Executive will take care of your Wi-Fi and Internet needs while you focus on what’s more important to you, like having the free time to watch Netflix with your kids because you just got news of that promotion you were hoping for via a flawless video conference with your boss…