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Wi-Fi Home Executive

The Vox Executive Home WiFi offering provides ultra-reliable, predictable bandwidth and unprecedented high-speed performance for real-time video distribution and data transmission in the home.

Our Executive offering is based the a centralised controller managing all of your WiFi Access Points and switch powering and connecting your cameras or other network devices.

  • Each WiFi access point includes up to 30 meters of Cat5e network cabling, installation and setup.
  • Each WiFi access point can cover an estimated 150 square meters, depending on what your walls are made of.
  • We can expand the coverage by installing additional Access Points in other parts of your home, all connected to network switch managed by the same centralised controller.

A managed WiFi solution ensures that we can offer you worry-free connectivity for all your wireless devices, optimised connection speeds and better WiFi coverage throughout your home.

How It Works


  • Dual chain wireless (2.4GHz/5GHz) 802.11ac

    With dual chain wireless (2x2) or MIMO you can connect more devices via WiFi and still enjoy fast WiFi speeds.

  • 8 and 16 Port Managed network switches

    Network switches allow for cabled connections security cameras and other network devices. Managing switch from our controller allows for performance optimisation remotely and quickly.

  • Powerful WiFi radios

    We estimated a coverage area of 150 square metres per device but this could be more or less depending on what your homes walls are made of.

  • Centralised Performance Management

    Our centralised controller allows our Support Team to Use the configurable reporting and analytics to manage usage, monitor and analyse the surrounding WiFi environment.

  • Mobile app

    Self-manage your home WiFi from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Professional design and installation

    Experienced engineers will install and setup everything you need in the best possible position to ensure great signal and performance. Additional devices can be purchased from your installer to increase coverage across your whole home.

Frequently Asked Questions

All WiFi equipment supplied by Vox is strong enough to cover an estimated 100 square meters, depending on what material your walls are made of. Vox recommends adding an additional device for every 50-100 square metres extra.

Cabling is always the most reliable option. Mesh WiFi technology is really good these days but can still be badly affected by very thick walls. Use Mesh when you know that you have standard thickness walls in your home.

Dual-Chain (2×2 MIMO) WiFi equipment allows for a large number of connected devices, 20+. Vox offerings can easily accommodate 50-100 connected devices.

Home networks are becoming just as complicated and device-heavy as that of the enterprise networks. A managed WiFi solution allows our service centre to remotely troubleshoot and improve network performance, using Cloud-based monitoring and administrative tools. This ensures that more connected devices can stream and enjoy uninterrupted WiFi.

No, LTE ( Long-Term Evolution) is the technology used to send “Internet” to your home via the radio waves. It is a long distance wireless technology.

Bluetooth products, cordless phones, microwave ovens, alarms and surveillance, other wireless LANs.

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Starting at only R99pm* Vox LTE will get you surfing up a storm in no time!

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