The Industry 

Broadcasting to a combined audience of over three million listeners, Jacaranda FM is one of South Africa’s biggest independent radio stations. What began as a broadcast service for FM radio listeners in Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and the North West Province now encompasses the globe thanks to innovations in digital streaming and social media.  

Moving into the realm of digital media brings added pressure, says Jacaranda FM’s Technical & IT Manager, Andrew Pike, “There are many more competitors than when it was just radio.” 

The Business Challenge  

Understandably, when the stakes are that high, there’s no time for downtime or miscommunication. When Jacaranda FM was faced with an issue of high costs and low flexibility with their previous Voice and Data solution, Andrew knew a change needed to be made. Preferably one that didn’t involve any logistical complications or unnecessary technical glitches during the transition. It’s a big ask – especially in a hybrid work environment with a distributed workforce, from head office to the home office, using various devices and an entirely new VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) software to wrap their heads around. That’s where Vox 3CX Cloud comes in. 

The Business Solution   

Safe, secure and straightforward, 3CX Cloud boasts over 250 000 successful installations worldwide – Jacaranda FM now included. As Andrew explains, “Vox’s Unlimited 3CX Cloud Plan with support for device and mobile is perfectly suited to our needs. Our Vox APN service is completely flexible, with competitive Data pricing.” 

It doesn’t hurt that implementation was also a breeze. “We had less than an hour downtime when migrating from our previous PBX to 3CX,” says Andrew. “The transition was easy, especially as we could keep our existing desktop phones. Many of our users didn’t even know the service was down during that time.”  

A complete Unified Communications solution with international recognition, 3CX Cloud takes PBX (Private Branch Exchange) to a whole new level, allowing users to access everything from video calls and interactive web conferencing to live chat and document sharing. All without having to change numbers, and, in most cases, hardware.  

3CX Cloud’s intuitive installation wizard also means users don’t have to have advanced technical know-how to start making the most of their new communications solution – which includes features like call routing, caller ID and voicemail. 

The Benefits  

Besides 3CX Cloud’s multi-device and platform compatibility, coupled with Vox’s Unlimited call plan and the ease of integration into their business, Andrew admits there’s an added benefit of using 3CX Cloud, “The flexibility of adding and removing numbers from the portal has impressed me.”  

After more than eight years together, Andrew describes Jacaranda FM’s partnership with Vox as seamless. “Vox has solutions that can scale up or down and suit the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses. The number of services available also means that we can find most of our solutions from one company. Our account manager, Shaka Vilakazi, is very knowledgeable and accessible, and, when needed, Support and fault reporting work well.”  

As an Advanced Certified 3CX partner, Vox is the perfect choice to deploy, maintain and manage 3CX Cloud at every stage of implementation.