Vox is introducing a competitive range of uncapped FTTH products across all the open access networks it currently provides services on, according to Executive Head of Carrier and Connectivity, Simon Butler.

“This is the first time that we are rolling out an uncapped FTTH offering, and it is aimed at addressing the growing data consumption requirements of home users, and small businesses that may be run out of residential areas,” adds Butler.

Vox will differentiate between a basic connectivity solution (for those customers that only want a basic data only service) and a premium package, that provides value added elements which include uncapped voice services.

Says Butler, “As expected, we are seeing massive usage growth in services such as HD video streaming (Netflix, Showmax etc.) and with richer content and more OTT services becoming available it will continue to grow exponentially. By adding uncapped product offerings across our FTTH range, we are catering for all the consumer type needs.”

By offering uncapped products to our FTTH range, we are catering for all the consumer type needs.”

Existing FTTH customers do have the option of migrating to an uncapped service, and Butler suggests they contact Vox to have one of their agents assist them with the upgrade process.  Prospective customers can view all the details of the uncapped offerings on the Vox Telecom website, and decide if they would like a basic or premium solution for their home.

“Taking advantage of the fibre revolution has never been easier.  Reliable, high speed, and just about everywhere makes fibre the go-to technology for home and business users,” concludes Butler.